Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our 4th anniversary July 21

we started dating
fell in love
got engaged

loved taking advantage of my 2 1/2 months paid vacation and quitting my job:)
played lots

got married

started living life as a married couple

So I got to spend an awesome day with my hubbie of 4 years and my two precious kiddos. Grandma Betty and Grandpa Romney came and babysat so Evan and I could see the matinee showing of Inception and eat at Red Robin. We came back and Lucy, Peter, Evan and I slept for 3 hours..what a great way to spend the day. I can't believe that it has been 4 years, time definitely flew by. There have been so many memories created and I can't wait to see what four more years bring.

Evan and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple July 21, 2006. Here are some of the happenings since:

*We always hoped for a family and in our growing family have two beautiful children. Lucy and Peter.
*Evan received his master's degree.
*We bought a house.
*Surgery for Evan.
*Traveled to/through Washington, Utah, California, Hawaii, New York, Ohio, Wyoming, Nevada, Texas, Border of Mexico, Florida
*Ten year high school reunion
*bought and sold lots on Craigslist and EBAY
*paid off two cars:)
*went to MANY baseball games and also hockey, basketball and broadway and offbroadway shows.
*played at Elitches a lot
*enjoyed lots of bike rides, movies, random restaurants
*started and finished or almost finished: Seinfeld, Frasier, Cheers, Full House, Cosby Show, Gilmore Girls, Lost, Twilight Zone, and a few more I can't remember right now
*Couponed tons!
*Made lots of friends
*We have many more plans and goals for the future

I love Evan so much. There are many reasons why, but here are a few:
He loves me
He loves Peter and Lucy and is so awesome with them
He honors the priesthood and is able to give me priesthood blessings when I need them
He is a hardworker
He is fun and happy and is so cute when he flirts with me:)
He gives great hugs!

To many more anniversaries!
Love you Sweetie!!!
The best picture we could get on our special day:)
How can you resist these two?:) I can't!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back to blogging:) some fun pics

Our busy little family of four

So life has been super crazy and absolutely no time for blogging. Peter ended up spending 3 weeks in the NICU, he is now home, almost 2 weeks. Evan's family came into town, and then just lots going on. We are still trying to fix up the house a little so lots of projects.

Having bottles before naptime:)

Peter is still healing, but doing remarkably better than before. We went for his post-op followup appointment, and everything is looking great. We just have to wait to see what happens now with the swallow study and will see if there are anymore surgeries to be had. Until then, we are weaning him off of his steroid inhaler and trying to work with his horrible acid reflux. The last two nights have been better for him, and there is hope for future sleep:) I think the new way of administrating the meds is helping him get all of them.

Evan's family came in to town to help welcome Grandma Betty and Grandpa Romney back from their mission in Chile. Everyone was able to come except for one Aunt who had to work..we missed you Laura! Miles went through the temple. Geoff and Cindy hosted a couple bbq's and family pictures. Lots of Kid activities and just sitting around at the dinner table and hanging out. I will post family pictures soon, my friend Irene took a bunch. Evan has a few more weeks until school starts up again. This year he is teaching Math and Science..a new challenge.

Lucy is teething..4 teeth to be exact. This is making life harder for her and sad. She never wakes up in the night unless she is teething or sick, so between Peter's scheduling and her teething schedule we are all a little sleep deprived. I guess the upside is that she has been sleeping in until 9 or 10 some days. She is so cute though. She is dancing to music, singing, going up and down the stairs constantly, and likes to be the life of the party. I am just glad she likes playing by herself a lot too, that has helped while we take care of Peter. Lucy is loving getting to know her cousins on Evan's side and climb all over them, chase, etc. so fun!

I am good. I love that my chiropractor is helping me out, and that I am finally able to walk a little better. Hopefully one more session will be good for a while. I am going to get a massage soon, I have been looking forward to that for quite some time. I have my 6 week check soon, and then the liver doctor will start in on checking out my liver and why it is so big.

Evan and I are getting more organized. We have decided that it takes too much time and energy worrying about other people and worrying if we are offending them or always making our choices revolve around other people's comfort zones, so we are starting to take care of us more. Our marriage, family, children and selves are much more important, so sorry in advance if you think we are ignoring or being selfish, we have to put our family first.

We are planning a stay-cation in November. So if you have any ideas of what we could do, please comment. Peter isn't allowed in the mountains, so we have to keep anything we do close to Denver and home.

We all dressed like cows on July 9th for Cow appreciation day and got free food from Chick-fil-a. SOOOO YUMMY. Unfortunately I only got a picture of Evan...a guy in the truck next to us saw him and couldn't stop laughing. This was the costume I wore in high school.

I feel so behind in blogging, so hopefully I will catch up one of these days. For now this is what you get:)