Monday, April 19, 2010

Lucy Turned 1 today

One year ago today...

Evan giving Lucy her first bottle, I was OUT! She had just taken her first bath with Evan and the nurses.

My favorite doctor, Dr. Steve Gardner
Happy Birthday Lucy Elise Biddulph!

We celebrated by having some friends from the ward and family come over and bbq and play. She loved seeing everyone there, and eating cake. She is such a cutie pie. I made little cake pops for her...I got the idea from bakerella. I made a few adjustments, but it all worked out. I forgot to buy a "1" candle, oh well, we used a "b" candle for Biddulph:)

So tired after her party and nap:)

I took her to the doctor for her 1 year visit, she got 5 shots, and was so sad, she got so cuddly it was cute. We put her in her forward facing car seat which she loves-she kept looking at me in the mirror smiling and talking to me:)

She got to talk to Grandma Betty and Grandpa Romney and a few other missionaries who celebrated her birthday with a dinner. They were all so kind and sang to her, so cute, she smiled and waved and clapped:) too cute! And then Grandma Liz and Grandpa Steve got to sing to her and she told them all about her birthday, a lot of growling and waving of the arms:)

After lots of playing outside in the dirt, trying to eat ants and sticks, we played inside, ate dinner, and played some more. Evan brought her to bed and she fell asleep instantly. I guess that means that she had a good and busy day:) (I'm glad she slept in until 8 this morning...very nice and different from her 6:30 usually-maybe it's a 1 year old thing)
Sleeping while standing...she forgot to sit down, or didn't know how to:)

Walking daddy to work..only a few blocks away:)

Lucy & Mommy walking around the lake by the house...there were fun geese and ducks to watch

Aunt Jennifer sent a blanket for Lucy-we love all the hand me downs! Thanks!
Playing with her kitchen after a Sunday nap

To sum up some of why we love Lucy:
-She growls and squeals, not always at the best times, but so cute
-She pats our backs when we get her out of bed or put her "Night Night"
-Very cooperative when changing her diapers, not so much with her shirts or dresses though
-When she drinks a bottle, she has to kick something or have her feet occupied, usually on us
-She loves to stick out her tongue and tastes everything!
-She rubs my pregnant belly
-She wrestles with Evan and climbs all over him...playtime is great
-She claps all the time
-Seeing other little kids makes her so happy she claps or squeals and giggles
-She goes to bed pretty well-there were a few weeks that were a challenge
-Lucy eats and tries anything, and will push the food out of her mouth if we overload her, she takes one bite at a time and likes to be done and swallowed before more comes in
-She loves olives, and likes to poke her pointer finger or thumb in the olive slices to eat them
-She loves standing in her crib and falling on her bum, and repeat
-She smiles and giggles, and it melts our hearts
-Evan's shoes are a favorite toy of hers. She unties them and tries to eat them
-When My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Mickey Mouse Club, Sprouts, Dora, and Sponge Bob come on she claps, squeals and loves to watch them!
-Music is great, she sings(by growling or humming), and is soothed by it. She stops in her tracks to pay attention to the music and loves being sung to.
-She loves warm milk in a bottle, cold in a sippy cup or cup, and water however she can get it
-She got her first black eye from a shelf 2 days ago
-She loves talking to Grandma Betty, Grandpa Romney, Grandma Liz and Grandpa Steve over the internet. We are working on teaching her names, we will see if she can say any of them by the time she sees them all in May.
-When she sees little baby dolls she wants them..we haven't bought her one yet. I should pull out my old cabbage patch dolls.
-She has VERY blonde hair, and it likes to stick up a lot!
-She chews on her crib and the chairs-like a chipmunk
-She giggles in her sleep
-She sits on her little car and pushes backwards, she hasn't learned how to climb off or push forward yet
-There are soooo many more reasons, and I am sure there will be many more to come. We just love our little girl, and can't wait until she meets Peter
Lucy eating her cake

Daddy and Lucy swinging at the park

Playing with daddy in the back yard. She usually is on a blanket, so this was a first:)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

32 weeks


So I am 32 weeks, and I still think they got my due date wrong and I should be further along, but oh well. I was going to go in June 1 for the c-section, but due to scheduling stuff with the dr and hospital I am now booked for June 3. I am happy. That is Evan's favorite number, so it is happy:)

I was so grateful for a friend at church today. She took Lucy all during Relief Society, and it was nice to just sit there, with no worries:) (Lucy even played with the bishop's mustache during that hour..too funny!)I saw myself in the full length mirror and almost died, I am HUGE!! at least in a dress, it is accentuated, but seriously! I kept getting asked if I was having the baby this week or twins, and how I was going to do it with 2 under 2, only 13 months apart. I got a little nervous from people's comments, but I am happy to say that I have a good support group of people, and I am offered help all the time, I will be blessed:)

I love being pregnant though. I love feeling Peter's kicks, and talking to him and wondering what he will be like. I like not worrying if I look fat that day, because I am prego!

I do miss bending, twisting, exercising, mowing the lawn, unloading the bottom of the dishwasher, shaving my legs, crawling on the floor with Lucy, laying on my belly to get massages, and a few other things. With that said though, I am truly grateful to be having another little angel.

We are trying to clean up the Biddulph's house that we have lived in for the last 2 years, and while we are there, we put Lucy in the high chair that Evan used when he was little. We have to watch her because there isn't a strap to hold her in(we are working on that-it must have broke off over the years). She is sure cute!

Will always eat her mac-n-cheese:)

Watching Evan at the sink

I love that she will eat anything! She does stick it back out of her mouth if she isn't ready for the bite or still has food in her mouth:)

Daddy's chair

Evan is soooo happy! He gets to watch baseball again..have his "me time". A while ago he bought 3 tickets for this season, and Saturday night he went to his first game. He worked hard all day, and definitely deserved to go! I was so exhausted from our busy day that I wish I would have hired a babysitter while he was gone so I could sleep, but that wasn't realistic. Lucy gave me a run for my money, and then finally went to sleep. I love having Evan in my life, I feel for single mothers-especially pregnant single mothers!!!
His seat

A Little video of his first game!

Friday, April 09, 2010

playing peek-a-boo with Lucy

Lucy woke up and I gave her a few snacks while I was making her lunch, and came in to see her playing peek-a-boo, then I started saying peek-a-boo and she kept doing it. SO CUTE!

Yes, she has bed head, I'm on my way to put pigtails in her hair:)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

almost 31 weeks prego and lucy stands and walks!

What I am supposed to be:

What I am measuring:)

So I am feeling super duper pregnant. I am having a boy, I am almost 31 weeks, and this baby is measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule. He is definitely bigger and laying different than Lucy did. Some lady at the carwash said that she knew I was having a boy because of how big I was and how low the baby was sitting.

I am getting to the point where I think I need more calcium. My muscles are cramping all the time, and it is SUPER hard to walk, or get up or sit down with out having a lot of pain. Evan is being a super trooper and helping take over my load of responsibilities when I ask for help. My sister Tina came down and helped me unpack the kitchen and laundry room/food storage.

Saturday I had to pray my way home driving from Costco and help move my leg with my hand to switch from gas to brake...scary, but I was blessed and made it home safely! Thank goodness!

Lucy is growing up and wants to make sure that we know about it! She is standing, and walking a little(holding onto things) and moves and gets up and down a lot! Sometimes going to bed is tough for her because she is so tired, stands up and doesn't know how to gently lay down again. I have had a few tips, and I think she is starting to get used to it. She loves cuddling with her blanket in her crib. We haven't had her use the blanket for a while, and now she loves it again.

I need to take a picture of my pregnant belly, I really am getting bigger and bigger and I know that I look like I am going to pop any second, but I am going in June 1 for a c-section, so I still have about 8 more weeks, less than two months, YAY!!!

Anyway, I guess I am babbling on, but wanted to "record" some updates:)

Happy Easter!!! From our little bunny

We thought she was cute in Target, didn't want to but them since we are trying to de-junk, but she sure is cute!

Happy Easter!