Sunday, April 04, 2010

almost 31 weeks prego and lucy stands and walks!

What I am supposed to be:

What I am measuring:)

So I am feeling super duper pregnant. I am having a boy, I am almost 31 weeks, and this baby is measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule. He is definitely bigger and laying different than Lucy did. Some lady at the carwash said that she knew I was having a boy because of how big I was and how low the baby was sitting.

I am getting to the point where I think I need more calcium. My muscles are cramping all the time, and it is SUPER hard to walk, or get up or sit down with out having a lot of pain. Evan is being a super trooper and helping take over my load of responsibilities when I ask for help. My sister Tina came down and helped me unpack the kitchen and laundry room/food storage.

Saturday I had to pray my way home driving from Costco and help move my leg with my hand to switch from gas to brake...scary, but I was blessed and made it home safely! Thank goodness!

Lucy is growing up and wants to make sure that we know about it! She is standing, and walking a little(holding onto things) and moves and gets up and down a lot! Sometimes going to bed is tough for her because she is so tired, stands up and doesn't know how to gently lay down again. I have had a few tips, and I think she is starting to get used to it. She loves cuddling with her blanket in her crib. We haven't had her use the blanket for a while, and now she loves it again.

I need to take a picture of my pregnant belly, I really am getting bigger and bigger and I know that I look like I am going to pop any second, but I am going in June 1 for a c-section, so I still have about 8 more weeks, less than two months, YAY!!!

Anyway, I guess I am babbling on, but wanted to "record" some updates:)


Dylan, Holly, and Aspen said...

That's my due date. I wonder when I will go. I feel big but I am actually measuring 3 weeks behind but the baby is pretty much on as far her measurements go. Are you having a c-section because you had one with Lucy? I don't remember or because the baby is so big. I just want to make it to my due date because I plan on working until then. It would be great if she came on her due date like Aspen but that happening twice is unlikely. Anyway I hope that you start to feel better. It will be here before we know it.

Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

Hey Holly:) so we are opting for a c-section because last time I pushed so long, and ended up in a c-section, and through that process I got infected landing me in the hospital for about a month. So this time if I go straight to a c-section it wipes away most of the chance of getting infected, plus then Evan can be there, he is going to be at a conference during the real due date of June 8, so we shall see:) Aren't you excited it's almost time!!! I grow big babies, but I do have gestational diabetes which probably is helping him measure big fun:) You are brave for working until your due date...I could not do that!! I hope Lucy makes it to her due date, CONGRATS!!! Can't wait to see pics!