Thursday, January 03, 2013

Mommy, I was washing Peter...Mommy lessons

Lucy, Peter and I all took LONG Late afternoon naps while Evan was out all day.  I woke up first, then Lucy and eventually Peter.  Since Lucy is becoming more helpful and a big kid now, she likes to help open Peter's door when he wakes up.  She let him out, and Peter was still half asleep I think.  He walked right past me-sitting on the couch in the living room-right into the kitchen, and then I heard a THUD and crying.

Peter must have slipped or tripped and was sad, crying and laying on his blanket.  I picked him up, tried consoling him while I was cooking but still the tears.  4 gogurts later he was finally not crying and a little better.  THEN something set him off again and I decided to put him in the bathtub, an almost instant soother for him.  Lucy wanted a bath too so they both got in.

They often bathe together and I sit in the hall or living room-just around the corner-listening to them until it's time to wash and get out.  All of a sudden I heard Peter screaming and crying, I called out to Lucy but she didn't respond.  I called 2 more times and went in.  I spotted Lucy with a bottle aimed at Peter and guessed that she had squirted him, causing the tears.  So being tired, impatient and frustrated with all the tears and Lucy, "being mean"-in my assuming eyes, I grabbed the squirt bottle, squirted her and then had 2 crying children.

I left the room because I figured they would stop crying and I didn't want to hear it, 5 minutes passed and it didn't stop.  I went in and explained to Lucy that she can't squirt him, and it wasn't nice-like what I just did was nice, can I just say best mom of the year award.  Seriously, I don't know why I did that.

I took Peter out, then Lucy and let them both dry in towels sitting on the couch together watching cartoons.  I dressed them both and they went on their merry way.

Minutes later I was cleaning the kitchen and Lucy came in and said, "Mommy, I was washing Peter"  She looked a little sad. And it clicked.  I assumed she was being mean but she was trying to be a big kid and clean and help Peter in the tub.  "Oh, you were cleaning and spraying Peter to wash him in the tub?"  "Yes Mommy, I sprayed him to wash him".  I apologized for getting mad and spraying her.  We talked about how only mommy should wash him, and that it was a nice thing that she wanted to help him but that he gets scared when sprayed.

Sheesh! We are all learning and growing.  I guess having Evan gone all day, being tired, and every other excuse I could say still doesn't justify my lack in patience and kindness.  Tomorrow is another day and I will work on being slower to assume, and even though I thought squirting Lucy to teach her a lesson wasn't harmful, it was.  Maybe not physically, but emotionally not a good idea.  I should have resolved it a better way to set an example of how to behave.

Mommy lessons.

The next few hours they played beautifully, hugged, kissed, shared toys, shared food, giggled, crab walked, danced.  I liked that our night took a turn for the better.  Evan got home at 10:30, our schedule is off.  We will figure it out.  Tomorrow we start "fresh", Lucy's favorite new word:)