Thursday, January 28, 2010

We bought a house!!!!

Wednesday we had a walk through and then closed on our house! We are so happy, excited and can't wait to get things fixed up so that we can move in. I will be keeping before and after pictures for you all to see.

Thanks for all of your encouragement along the way, it has really helped!!!!

If any of you would like to come help clean this Saturday-Jan 30th, from 9-12, email me at, and I will give you directions and an address. We will serve lunch at noon:)

YAY! I like being a home owner, it feels great! now the fix up begins, thank goodness for tax returns!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snips and Snails, and Puppy Dog's a


We had the ultrasound today, and it is DEFINITELY a boy!

Lucy will get to have a little brother!!! 14 months apart, we are super excited and can hardly wait:) Due Date is still June 10th, but we shall see:)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

You know you're pregnant and have a 9 month old when....

Oh my! I got up, bathed Lucy while Evan showered for church. I then handed her off to Evan while I showered. I have my makeup downstairs, so I thought to myself,"self, put on makeup after I brush my teeth, after breakfast, after I do Lucy's hair, after I get the diaper bag ready, after I do X,Y,Z, all in 30 minutes-while my back is out and I hobble like I am missing a couple inches on my left leg".

So I went downstairs started on all my tasks. Got in the car, and half way to church I gasped, looked at my eyes in the mirror, and I never got the rest of the makeup off from my shower, and even though I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, I never put new makeup on!!! YIKES!! Evan said I looked ok, and Evan needed to go early to help set up extra chairs, so we couldn't turn back, even though he offered. Lesson learned, put extra mascara in the diaper bag:)-Lucy had cute hair. First week not in pigtails, and it's long enough to come over to the side:) I should have taken picture(she is wearing 12-18 month clothes now).

THEN I get to church, hold Lucy while Evan is setting up chairs, and I thought my shirt looked different, but didn't know why. Finally it was bugging me too much, I looked down again, and saw something purple, and couldn't figure it out. I looked closer and it was my tag. I had my shirt on backwards. I passed Lucy onto somebody, and went off to the bathroom to turn my shirt on the right direction. I passed Evan, in front of my OB Dr., told Evan what had happened, and my Dr. chuckled. Too funny!

The rest of the day went well....

Pregnancy brain..gotta love it!

Free Days in Denver

My friend sent me this list of :

I would still call before you go to make sure that it is still the current deal:)


· 2300 Steele St., Denver, 303-376-4800

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday November 13, 2010


· 100 West 14th Avenue Parkway, Denver, 720-865-5000

(The art museum is free the first Saturday of every month: )

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

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Saturday June 5, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010


· 1005 York Street, Denver, 720-865-3500

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thursday, October 23, 2010


· 8500 Deer Creek Canyon Road, Littleton, 303-973-3705

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010


· 2001 Colorado Boulevard, Denver, 303-322-7009

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O’Charley’s Restaurant

Old Spaghetti Factory (with coupon from Kids Pages Magazine)

IHOP - Actually $0.99 – 3-9pm

McAlister’s Deli – after 5pm


LoDos - $1.99

Lansdowne Arms – after 4 pm

La Msa Mexican Restaurant

Sunset Grill

Jose Pepper’s Authentic Mexican Food

Chartroose Caboose

Big D’s BBQ (Parker)


Brothers BBQ

Buffalo Wild Wings - $0.99 – 5-8 pm

C.B. & Potts

CiCi’s Pizza

Chartroose Caboose – after 5pm

Cinzetti’s – 5-9 pm

Fuddruckers - $0.99 – 5-9 pm

Gunther Toody’s

Rio Grande

TGI Fridays

Big D’s BBQ (Parker)

Bono’s BBQ

** Tuesday

3 Margarittas


Black Eyed Pea – after 5pm

Brothers BBQ



Cinzetti’s – 5-9 pm

Denny’s – 4-10pm

Fazolli’s - $0.99 – 5-8pm

Fuddruckers - $0.99 – 5-9 pm

Lone Star Steakhouse


Pizza Street

Planet Subs – after 4pm

Ponderosa Steak House – after 4pm

Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

Big D’s BBQ (Parker)

Treo (& ½ price hamburgers)


Applebees - $0.99

Old Chicago

Rainforest CafĂ© – after 5pm

Zarda BBQ

Big D’s BBQ (Parker)


Buffalo Wild Wings

C.B. & Potts - $1.00

Big D’s BBQ (Parker)


Lone Star Steakhouse – 11 – 4pm

LoDo’s - $1.99

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lucy's first sleep over/Friday night date at the ER/house news/baby bath

So For the last couple weeks I have been having weird pains where my liver is. Every time I breathe in, sigh, etc I feel like little knives are stabbing me, not the coolest feeling. So then Thursday it had gotten so intense that I had been bawling the entire day and took about 3 hours to fall asleep. I woke up and used Kaiser's cool email system to email my OB. He called and talked to me and instructed me to call immediately if it got more severe. For now he thought maybe the baby was just growing bigger and smooshing my enlarged(2-3 times the size it should be) liver.

Well, it got SO much worse, I couldn't stop crying, I called in and made an appointment for 4pm. They called me at 12:30 telling me that I needed to get in immediately because they needed blood work done and there wouldn't be much time to get the results back. So I called Evan about 6 times at work, he finally answered, got someone to cover his class, and brought me to the doctor. I couldn't even lift Lucy.

After checking in they checked me out and then sent me to the ER thinking I may have gall stones or blood clots in my lungs. Meanwhile the Blais family offered to take Lucy and kept her over night. They had a blast! We checked into the ER, they did an X-Ray, ultrasound on my organs(Evan tried getting them to find out the sex of the baby, they just laughed), and then finally a cat scan(which they don't like doing to pregnant women, but I am far enough along that things should be fine). Nothing was found, and they decided to send me home, with pain meds, and instructions that I need to get a liver biopsy as soon as the baby is born and they can operate on me.

They killed my arm. My veins were sooo hard to get to, and then next day I was so bruised it hurt to bend my arm, that hasn't happened for while. The nurse just kind of dug around for a few minutes...ahhh! Evan cringed and that made me cry. I think out of the two nurses, they poked me about 5 different spots and each dug around..blah!

So now, I got a priesthood blessing, tell me that I will have a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby and a healthy delivery. I told that to my awesome doctor, and he liked that, but then reminded me that I wasn't told I would be perfectly comfortable, so I guess this is my trial and then my expanding baby is my blessing. I am grateful for this baby! I hope I can get super healthy after I deliver, that's the goal!

We got home late Friday night, 9 hours later, and it was weird not having Lucy in our home. I missed her, but we did sleep in which was nice. She was so cute when we picked her up..So cheery and excited to be there but see us too:)

On Saturday afternoon, Lucy and I were napping and then all of a sudden Evan burst open the bedroom door and scared me so bad, but had great news! We got the approval letter for the house! YAY!!!!!! The seller's Realtor gave a complaint against the bank to HUD homes and short sales saying that Bank of America wasn't following protocol, so their hands were forced into signing immediately! YAY!!!! So Monday we find out the closing date, which will be before Jan 31. So if you want to help clean, paint, drywall, tile, etc, Let me know, we can work out bread or babysitting exchanges:)


Overall a good weekend!

Lucy loves bath time!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My two loves!

Aren't they cute...She is getting better with the camera flash:) That's what her hair looks like after pigtails have been in for a while:)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Lucy is almost 9 months old!

Lucy 8 months 3 weeks, me pregnant with our 2nd at 17 weeks and Evan a happy daddy!

Lucy is growing up so quickly!

I keep forgetting to take the normal scrapbook photos of her each month and documenting it, but here goes a little on Lucy:

She is getting:
4 new teeth at the same time, and likes to bite with the 2 bottom she already has
getting fussier with the arrival of new teeth
she chews on everything and everyone-especially blankets when nothing else is available
into size 4 diapers soon-we want to finish off the 3's first

More of her personality:
laughs all the time-has a cute chuckle
makes her own jokes, or seems to get jokes or funny things
very social
loves people
explores everything, and loves going to the grocery store with us
loves going on walks in the stroller
loves to be loved and played with
poses for the camera and drops the smile when the flash comes out:)

she gabs all the time!
when she is excited she moves her arms all over the place-and toys
she blows noises and air out of her pursed lips
sometimes it sounds like she says mom but it is just how she mumbles:)

her hair is crazy!!! it is all over the place. Blonde and long and now we put piggy tails in her hair all of the time. too cute! She is keeping them in, but sometimes they fall out when she sleeps. She even sits still for me to put them in. Evan even helps do her hair sometimes. when we take them out it looks like little devil horns:) sometimes I will pull out the bumbo so she can watch cartoons while I fix her hair:)

She likes to eat:
green beans
vegetarian pizza from Papa Murphy
baby cheetos
yogurt melts
goldfish crackers
white and brown rice
apple juice watered down
and of course her bottle

she rolls and rolls everywhere
not quite crawling yet, but I am grateful for that!
pulls herself up in her crib at night time
rolls around her crib in her sleep all night long
hides in the corners of the crib during sleeping time

when she doesn't like a sound, she covers her ears with her elbows, too cute!
LOVES LOVES LOVES My Friends Tigger and Pooh, thank goodness for DVR
likes to bounce in her bouncer(sometimes we think she is going to fly out)
likes to stand up and "walk" with us holding her hands
likes to feed herself and takes the fork or spoon from me, she actually does a pretty good job!
LOVES tags, any tags, and wants to eat all tags, we gave her a taggie blanket that she loves
Likes being scared by mommy and daddy
dislikes the camera flash, and now when she sees the camera she squints giving us horrible mug shots:)
Likes daddy's arcade

dislikes the new church meeting schedule-during her nap time-mine too!
Loves her little piano

She cuddles so much more
head butts us sometimes to get into our shoulders:)
When I startle her she burrows into Evan-sometimes slapping him in the face-too funny!

in a pac n play for naptime (3-4 times a day)
in crib at night, unless I want to sleep in my bed and not the couch for nap time
on her belly, back, side, with legs up, etc:)
talks to herself for a few minutes before sleeping at night

What a little angel we have. We could not have been more blessed! My goals this year with her are:
teaching her more about Jesus and Heavenly Father and the gospel
helping her to have fun and be happy
to do her thing and not let pressures from others get to her
enjoy having a sibling
getting her into her new house and her room organized:)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas Vacation

We had a great Christmas vacation, and now I am sad that it is ending. I love having Evan home, and am so grateful that he is a school teacher and gets holidays and the entire summer off. What a blessing!

We decided to save money and not travel this Christmas. Evan's brother Nate flew in from San Francisco for a week and we had lots of fun. Lucy and Nate met for the first time and we all got to just relax. Besides the big Mexican meal I made, things were pretty low-key. We had leftover Mexican food for Christmas Eve with Evan's oldest brother Geoff and his family. We played, ate food, chatted online with Grandma Betty and Grandpa Romney (who are in Santiago Chile serving a temple mission, returning in May). Watched the movie 'UP' and then had the traditional almond pudding dessert game, the two little boys won:) We didn't read the Christmas story of Jesus this time, but we will try to be better organized next Christmas.

We woke up to Christmas morning and while Lucy slept the 'big' kids opened presents, watched the rest of 'UP', and I prepared a Danish breakfast-our new tradition for Christmas morning, of Ebelskiver, boiled eggs, smoothie and clementines.

After Lucy woke up we opened her gifts, took video and we napped and relaxed for the rest of the day. My parents right a few chapters of their life every year, so we read some of those, I think I cried during each story..I love hearing how they followed or didn't follow the Holy Ghost and learned from it, what great examples! It was hard not being with them this year, another time:)

The Blais family(our surrogate family) invited us over for games and dinner. What a great night!!! Lucy was tired and teething so after about 3 or so hours we headed home and went to bed:)

Lucy loves her uncle Nate

After Nate left Saturday, we have just been sleeping in, relaxing, running errands, Evan saw Avatar in 3-D IMAX, we went to my 17 week appointment, tried a lot of new food(anything made from leftover Mexican, and homemade potato chips),
had missionaries over for dinner, and now just getting ready for school to start back up on Monday. Oh ya, we also bought a pantry rotation shelf off of craigslist, with little cash and trades from our house. I love TRADING!!!

New Year's Ever was fun! We headed over to a friends house, and only lasted 1 1/2 hours. It was my bed time, I got sick and was ready to pass out and be sick there, so we skedaddled out and took me home to bed:) Everyone laughed that I was in shorts and sandals, but I overheat sooooo much!

Lucy is over 8 months now and doing lots of things. (another post)

We loved Christmas vacation!!!