Sunday, January 03, 2010

Lucy is almost 9 months old!

Lucy 8 months 3 weeks, me pregnant with our 2nd at 17 weeks and Evan a happy daddy!

Lucy is growing up so quickly!

I keep forgetting to take the normal scrapbook photos of her each month and documenting it, but here goes a little on Lucy:

She is getting:
4 new teeth at the same time, and likes to bite with the 2 bottom she already has
getting fussier with the arrival of new teeth
she chews on everything and everyone-especially blankets when nothing else is available
into size 4 diapers soon-we want to finish off the 3's first

More of her personality:
laughs all the time-has a cute chuckle
makes her own jokes, or seems to get jokes or funny things
very social
loves people
explores everything, and loves going to the grocery store with us
loves going on walks in the stroller
loves to be loved and played with
poses for the camera and drops the smile when the flash comes out:)

she gabs all the time!
when she is excited she moves her arms all over the place-and toys
she blows noises and air out of her pursed lips
sometimes it sounds like she says mom but it is just how she mumbles:)

her hair is crazy!!! it is all over the place. Blonde and long and now we put piggy tails in her hair all of the time. too cute! She is keeping them in, but sometimes they fall out when she sleeps. She even sits still for me to put them in. Evan even helps do her hair sometimes. when we take them out it looks like little devil horns:) sometimes I will pull out the bumbo so she can watch cartoons while I fix her hair:)

She likes to eat:
green beans
vegetarian pizza from Papa Murphy
baby cheetos
yogurt melts
goldfish crackers
white and brown rice
apple juice watered down
and of course her bottle

she rolls and rolls everywhere
not quite crawling yet, but I am grateful for that!
pulls herself up in her crib at night time
rolls around her crib in her sleep all night long
hides in the corners of the crib during sleeping time

when she doesn't like a sound, she covers her ears with her elbows, too cute!
LOVES LOVES LOVES My Friends Tigger and Pooh, thank goodness for DVR
likes to bounce in her bouncer(sometimes we think she is going to fly out)
likes to stand up and "walk" with us holding her hands
likes to feed herself and takes the fork or spoon from me, she actually does a pretty good job!
LOVES tags, any tags, and wants to eat all tags, we gave her a taggie blanket that she loves
Likes being scared by mommy and daddy
dislikes the camera flash, and now when she sees the camera she squints giving us horrible mug shots:)
Likes daddy's arcade

dislikes the new church meeting schedule-during her nap time-mine too!
Loves her little piano

She cuddles so much more
head butts us sometimes to get into our shoulders:)
When I startle her she burrows into Evan-sometimes slapping him in the face-too funny!

in a pac n play for naptime (3-4 times a day)
in crib at night, unless I want to sleep in my bed and not the couch for nap time
on her belly, back, side, with legs up, etc:)
talks to herself for a few minutes before sleeping at night

What a little angel we have. We could not have been more blessed! My goals this year with her are:
teaching her more about Jesus and Heavenly Father and the gospel
helping her to have fun and be happy
to do her thing and not let pressures from others get to her
enjoy having a sibling
getting her into her new house and her room organized:)


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

Thanks anonymous, do I know who you are?

Ryan and Chrystal said...

She is a doll. Enjoy every moment, time flies when they are so little and then even faster when a new little one comes along. I wish i had written stuff down like that because it's all a blur to me now.

Megan said...

She is so beautiful, and you are too! I loved catching up on her growth and development.

Let's get together so she can head butt me. :)