Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas Vacation

We had a great Christmas vacation, and now I am sad that it is ending. I love having Evan home, and am so grateful that he is a school teacher and gets holidays and the entire summer off. What a blessing!

We decided to save money and not travel this Christmas. Evan's brother Nate flew in from San Francisco for a week and we had lots of fun. Lucy and Nate met for the first time and we all got to just relax. Besides the big Mexican meal I made, things were pretty low-key. We had leftover Mexican food for Christmas Eve with Evan's oldest brother Geoff and his family. We played, ate food, chatted online with Grandma Betty and Grandpa Romney (who are in Santiago Chile serving a temple mission, returning in May). Watched the movie 'UP' and then had the traditional almond pudding dessert game, the two little boys won:) We didn't read the Christmas story of Jesus this time, but we will try to be better organized next Christmas.

We woke up to Christmas morning and while Lucy slept the 'big' kids opened presents, watched the rest of 'UP', and I prepared a Danish breakfast-our new tradition for Christmas morning, of Ebelskiver, boiled eggs, smoothie and clementines.

After Lucy woke up we opened her gifts, took video and we napped and relaxed for the rest of the day. My parents right a few chapters of their life every year, so we read some of those, I think I cried during each story..I love hearing how they followed or didn't follow the Holy Ghost and learned from it, what great examples! It was hard not being with them this year, another time:)

The Blais family(our surrogate family) invited us over for games and dinner. What a great night!!! Lucy was tired and teething so after about 3 or so hours we headed home and went to bed:)

Lucy loves her uncle Nate

After Nate left Saturday, we have just been sleeping in, relaxing, running errands, Evan saw Avatar in 3-D IMAX, we went to my 17 week appointment, tried a lot of new food(anything made from leftover Mexican, and homemade potato chips),
had missionaries over for dinner, and now just getting ready for school to start back up on Monday. Oh ya, we also bought a pantry rotation shelf off of craigslist, with little cash and trades from our house. I love TRADING!!!

New Year's Ever was fun! We headed over to a friends house, and only lasted 1 1/2 hours. It was my bed time, I got sick and was ready to pass out and be sick there, so we skedaddled out and took me home to bed:) Everyone laughed that I was in shorts and sandals, but I overheat sooooo much!

Lucy is over 8 months now and doing lots of things. (another post)

We loved Christmas vacation!!!

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