Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random cute Lucy...5 Months old:)

Lucy is 5 months old now...

At my 10 year reunion last year, Evan and I went to the Ropa Usadas near where I grew up, and since we had just found out we were pregnant before the reunion, we were baby everything crazy, and bought a couple costumes...so we tried this one on her...we couldn't stop laughing. I am pretty sure she will love us more for these pictures when she is a teenager:)

She is learning to sit and have more tummy time. She is sooooo cute!
This was a week ago...

This was today...Lucy and I have been practicing lots together, so we wanted to show daddy what she could do. She can sit for about up to a minute now..impressive.

Daddy fed Lucy...
I love this high chair, I put her in it, and she watches me clean and talks to me..I love it!

and wanted to give her a cereal mustache, she was all clean:)

Our baby girl is growing up!!! I get to stay home with her every day and we learn lots, go on lots of outings, bike, walk, meet new friends, bathe, nap, clean, sing, watch cartoons, play, practice skills, etc.! I am happy that I have Evan at night to play with Lucy, otherwise life would be very crazy! I love my little Lucy! I guess I should start taking more pictures with her so she knows what we looked like together when she was little:) My little angel!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Funny times with Lucy and Daddy!

So, when Evan gets home from work around 5ish Lucy gets soooo excited!!! Here are some cute pictures from the past week:)

Watching baseball with daddy...

Eating the star, tastes like formula:)

Getting daddy's attention, good thing mommy just cut her nails.

Daddy thinks he's funny, oddly she didn't mind, the first 5 times anyway.

Feeding herself

Our smart little cookie

Daddy and Lucy sleeping while mommy is in a meeting

Practicing Sitting

Moved on from daddy but forgot to let go...

The Killers

Evan and I went to a Killers concert up at Red Rocks last week...It was awesome except for all of the weed and beer that was offered to us..YUCK! Just say NO!!! We got a great workout climbing all the stairs into the stadium..phew! I saw a 11 or 12 year old holding a beer...If it was my kid there is no way I would have allowed that, or the appearance of that..yikes!

Anyway, amazing concert, and even though it doesn't matter for their music, the lead singer, Brandon Flowers, is Mormon so it made it more interesting to watch!!! They are one of my favorite bands, and I am happy that I loved them before Evan even knew about them...he always shows me new music and this time it was the other way around. I had been listening to them before I even met Evan...:)

It was nice to get out..Thanks for babysitting Alisa!!!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Rice Cereal and Toddler Tunes

I tried giving Lucy rice cereal a couple weeks ago, and she pretty much just stared at me like she thought I was crazy. Well, today we tried again, and she LOVED it! I mixed it up, and she saw her bottle next to the cereal and got very excited, and when I brought the pink spoon out, she got big eyes. She has been taking everything and anything in front of her and putting it in her mouth, and the pink spoon was new so she was happy.

I gave her a bite and she sat for a couple seconds and then swallowed. Then she wanted more and more. I had my phone next to me, so I tried taking pictures with my left hand while I fed her with my right, very tricky, but I managed to get a few pictures. I will have to have Evan get the video tape out for the next time. My baby girl is growing up, too cute!

The little inserts looked like bunny ears for Lucy:)

She wanted to help me... and boy is she strong!

Licking the last drop:)

My sister in law Cindy suggested that I play music to keep noise in the house. I was telling her that Lucy and I are pretty quiet all day long, we play, but when kids come over she gets a little overwhelmed with how much more noise there is. So I have discovered Comcast's music channels, namely the Toddler Tunes! They play cute music all day long, and appropriate music for that time of day. Last night when Evan turned the tv on it was still on Toddler tunes, and it was playing lullaby music, it was funny to see Dolly Parton had a lullaby song playing:)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Cousin Fun

This past weekend Lucy got to play with two of her cousins. She had so much fun, and giggled lots for the boys. By the time we went to the park she was so worn out.

We played with playdough, ate lunch, played on the floor with the boys, watched cartoons, and went to the park. What a fun day!

Fun with PlayDough

Watching TV

Playing with the boys

We stopped by to look at the house we put an offer on and then played at the park just down the road.

What a fun Saturday! Lucy can't wait to see Geoff, Cindy, Joshua and Ian again!!!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Almost like Christmas:)

This year the garden went in a little differently and the amount of sunshine lacked, but we did receive lots of rain. So, it didn't grow or turn out how we expected, but we did learn a few things.

Beans should definitely grow up a pole, even if they are bush beans.
And carrots need to be planted spread out, not close, because there are too many growing in a small place.
The broccoli that wouldn't grow last year seeded in other spots and we finally got a little broccoli piece:)
Strawberries get better every year, and now I want to let this garden turn into a strawberry patch.
Weeds are no fun, and it's better to let the dirt be uncovered than covered, moss can grow. However much I love Rhubarb, it doesn't want to grow for me at this point.
Our cucumbers, zucchini and squash haven't showed up, so not sure what happened there.
Our cherry tomatoes are stars, and I love the sweetness of home grown carrots.
Strawberries just out of the garden melt in your mouth and you wish you could savor it longer!
It takes a brave person to weed next to a snake, and because I am not feeling so brave, not sure if we still have a snake or not, and if there are any raspberries this year. I hear it takes 2-3 years anyway;) Next year they will be beautiful I am sure:)
Carrots are hard to pull out.

So here are tonight's pickings for a salad.

The smaller ones had to be pulled to make room for the others to grow better:)

The lone broccoli is mixed with the tomatoes;) Too cute!

Our lovely garden produce:) almost like Christmas, our surprise veggies and fruit:)
Last lesson learned. It is much more fun to weed with Lucy and Evan than all by myself. And I can't wait to grow a garden in my own home, it is a blessing from the Lord!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Poker Face and other fun things

So, Lucy giggles, smiles, coos, all of those cute things, and then when we pull out the camera, she gets distracted and blank stares at the camera. So we get a lot of pictures like these...

I have been trying to teach her to sit up, and on this day she was so tired and thought it was more comfortable to sit like this

I haven't been good with giving her tummy time. After the c-section I couldn't bend or lift much, and she didn't like tummy time then, so I forgot about it. So lately I have been trying to give her more tummy time, and she like it a lot more. A friend gave me a tummy time mat, and it has helped a ton, now she is working on the play gym without the tummy time mat and is getting better. I should probably have her try when she isn't so tired!
Even though we cut her hair, we couldn't cut it too short on top, or she would look ridiculous, so she still has a red stripe down the top.

Here are some random videos, more for me, but enjoy...first one she is playing with daddy. Evan has had a cold, and sneezes..she didn't get as startled as I thought she would.

She is so funny! Lucy is teething, and so she always is grabbing her mouth and gums, I think that makes this bottom video so much more entertaining for me:)