Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Rice Cereal and Toddler Tunes

I tried giving Lucy rice cereal a couple weeks ago, and she pretty much just stared at me like she thought I was crazy. Well, today we tried again, and she LOVED it! I mixed it up, and she saw her bottle next to the cereal and got very excited, and when I brought the pink spoon out, she got big eyes. She has been taking everything and anything in front of her and putting it in her mouth, and the pink spoon was new so she was happy.

I gave her a bite and she sat for a couple seconds and then swallowed. Then she wanted more and more. I had my phone next to me, so I tried taking pictures with my left hand while I fed her with my right, very tricky, but I managed to get a few pictures. I will have to have Evan get the video tape out for the next time. My baby girl is growing up, too cute!

The little inserts looked like bunny ears for Lucy:)

She wanted to help me... and boy is she strong!

Licking the last drop:)

My sister in law Cindy suggested that I play music to keep noise in the house. I was telling her that Lucy and I are pretty quiet all day long, we play, but when kids come over she gets a little overwhelmed with how much more noise there is. So I have discovered Comcast's music channels, namely the Toddler Tunes! They play cute music all day long, and appropriate music for that time of day. Last night when Evan turned the tv on it was still on Toddler tunes, and it was playing lullaby music, it was funny to see Dolly Parton had a lullaby song playing:)


The And Fam said...

she's growing up so fast!! Todd is dying to try rice cereal on Bryce. I will admit, he was so anxious and impatient that he tried it about 3 weeks ago. As I (and I emphasize "I") expected, Bryce didn't want anything to do with it.
So glad, Lucy is loving it and is such a sweet, happy, and healthy baby!!!

Becca B said...

i can't believe how fast she is growing up, she is so cute!!!!