Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lucy's Latest

So Lucy has been growing bigger and happier each day. She is showing off lots of smiles and giggles. She is eating an extra ounce at feedings now and has now slept 8 hours straight and then 3 hours during the night for two nights now, YAY! I am learning to go to sleep when she does to take full advantage. I like the 10-11 hours of sleep, especially since I am still healing from the c-section and liver issues. Lucy likes to hear her daddy's voice and I have been playing voicemail messages for her while he is gone this week; her eyes light up and gets really excited when she hears him. Even though she is done eating, she still likes to suck, but does not want a pacifier, so she is starting to lick and suck on the air or her arm and hands. She is soooo cute! Lucy is trying to learn to cry, it is funny and makes us laugh more than anything...I guess I should just be happy it isn't for real..yet.

Lessons I have learned about travel and baby:

Always double check that there is a bottle in the diaper bag...I had to go home from running errands today because I washed the bottles, but forgot to put them in the bag. This has happened twice now...oh well.

Let's just say she got caught.....
and the giraffe got a full bath;)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Miles came for a visit...and the first of many things including Lucy's 2 month visit.

So we had a great visit from Evan's brother Miles this week. He is a great friend and we had lots of fun, especially with Lucy.

We had dinner together and Lucy joined us in the high chair for the first time. Check out their pinkies, so proper :) Evan is learning to smile again after his nose surgery.

She didn't know what to do with her dinner ;)

We sang songs and had lots of smiles, Lucy loved hearing the songs, and the boys had lots of fun.

Miles asked if he could feed Lucy, and I couldn't say no to that :)

He loved burping her...too cute!

Lucy's first trip to the pool. The swim diaper was too big so my friend Amy suggested just putting it over her normal diaper...it worked:)

She loves bathtime, and now she loves the pool.

We lasted for about 15-20 minutes and then she got to cold and tired, but it was fun!!! She loved this floaty that my sister gave to me.

Sweet moments with Miles, Lucy really liked him, and I'm pretty sure Miles thought she was pretty sweet herself. YAY for Uncle Miles.

Just relaxing and singing some songs. We even hear songs from the Vitamin Balloons, their childhood band. Very funny story behind the name, you need to ask them :)

Music to our ears...he even played some Regina Spektor, my favorite!
We took Lucy to her 2 month appointment today, and boy has she grown! We found out that she does have thrush, so that is what the q-tip in the picture is for-administering the medicine to the inside of her mouth. Lucy got three shots, and cried for about 20 seconds, and then just cuddled me. I asked the doctor if it was normal for her not to really cry, and she said that occasionally there will be babies who are happy non crying babies, and we got lucky with her. She has only cried about 5 times for real. (I think Lucy is a good baby to help us while I have all of my medical stuff, making it easier to take care of her) When we see others with crying babies it is different, because that is not what we are used to with Lucy. The doctor said that as she grows up a little more she might start crying...we shall see :) She is blowing bubbles and cooing and the doctor said that those are signs of wanting to talk. She can sit up if we hold her waist, and hold her head up now. She sleeps about 7 hours a night. Lucy loves to coo, giggle, smile and flirt with us. Sometimes Evan will tickle her face and say "ahooga" and she LOVES it!

Loves smiling for daddy.

posing for the camera

She got 3 shots. She used to wear this 'shirt' as a dress, but I liked it so much it is now a shirt:)

Lucy is:
13.3 lbs
24 inches long
She grew 2 1/2" in 1 month...she is going to be a tall cutie!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Evan!!!

Evan is a cute daddy. I am so lucky that he is the father of my child. He gets up in the night with Lucy, he changes her diapers, he holds and cuddles her. She loves his kisses and when he tugs on her ears or hair and say"ahooga". I am so happy Lucy has a special daddy like Evan. Happy Father's Day EVAN!!!! We love you!

After seeing dinner, she wanted to trade in her bottle:)

Salad, Gnocchi with Pesto Sauce, Chicken Scallopini, Strawberry Boston Creme Pie and Martinelli

Evan had nose surgery last Thursday and is still recovering...we still wanted to celebrate Father's Day, so here are some pictures. I had to get soft food for him to chew and not put strain on his nose. yum yum....

Fun summer pictures with Geoff, Cindy and the kiddos:)

Cousins playing together:)

Isabella is sooo sweet. Lucy loves her and loved cuddling with her!!

I LOVE this picture. Ian is so cute, and I can't wait to show this picture to Lucy when she is older. Ian kept touching her face and exploring her as a baby..it was cute. She didn't even fuss with him:)
The cute boys celebrating their birthdays. Cindy was nice to hold Lucy so long.

Aunt Cindy:) Lucy loves her!

Camila, what a sweetheart. I can't wait until she can babysit Lucy!

Geoff and the girls...so sweet. Lucy wondered what was on Isabella's head:)

Joshua and Lucy...he couldn't get enough of her. He wanted to help with the bottle, diapers, cuddling, you name it:) They will be good buddies..

Father and Daughter;)

The girls....

Cindy makes amazing cakes, we keep telling her she should own her own business...amazing!!!

She was soooo sleepy....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Evan's Nose Surgery

I just wanted to update you on Evan's surgery and show off a few pictures. Last week he found out that he needed nose surgery on his deviated septum and turbinates, and luckily there was a cancellation so he was able to have surgery on the 18th instead of waiting until October. The surgeon said that he must have fractured his nose as a young teenager from rough housing or sports and that is why he has a deviated septum. Because of the deviated septum it created trouble with the turbinates (the things that help you breathe), causing deterioration of some cartilage.

So we left Lucy with my friend Alisa for the day at 1pm, and went to the hospital. The surgeon was running late, so he was delayed an 1 1/2 making him more nervous than he already was. When they gave him the 'happy meds', he was hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing at how he was acting and what he was saying. When he was asked if he felt like that normally, he was quick to state that he had never taken drugs before, and we all had a good laugh from that, Evan didn't even remember saying it:) The surgery went from 4:00-5:30 and when I went in to see him he did not look well. He was really white and in a lot of pain, probably more than he thought he would be. I stayed with him feeding him ice chips, applesauce and ginger ale until 8:00 and then I got to take him home. The drive home was rough, he felt every bump in the road.

The surgeon pulled me aside to chat while he was recovering and told me that the surgery went well. They fixed the turbinates and deviated septum. That they also had to graft some cartilage and repair the part that had been deteriorating. That was not in the plan, but I am glad they were able to resolve that as well. Evan will have splints in his nose for a week, and within 10 days start feeling like he can lift heavier objects and chew food, instead of lots of liquids. In 6 weeks he will get checked over, and by 4 months he should feel good as new.

Alisa met us at our house with her Dad, our friend Ray, and Lucy. Her dad and Ray gave Evan a blessing and went home. Evan slept in the recliner last night and Lucy and I slept in the living room next to him. Since I am not all the way recovered my energy is limited, so I am really getting exhausted, so hopefully Evan will heal well, and Lucy will get over her little cold soon. Lucy was really good for Alisa all day and they said they would love to watch her anytime(I was nervous leaving her for the first time, I missed her). We are definitely blessed with a good baby, especially through all of the medical things we are going through lately.

I need to crush up his pills in applesauce for him to get his pain killers and antibiotics since he does not swallow pills well. We went into the doctor today and they pulled the packing out of his nose, and he loved how much he could breathe, and then got congested, which he will be for about 3 weeks. Next week we will go in and pull the splints out, and then in August they will make sure that he healed correctly.

I am sure there will be more of an update later on, but for now, enjoy the pictures...

Monday, June 08, 2009

Baby blessing June 7, 2009

Sunday we had Lucy's Baby blessing. It was wonderful. We got up in the morning and gave her a bath-she loves baths. Evan dressed her in the dress that I wore for my baby blessing, and we shot a few pictures, I love the pictures where she is yawning:) ( A month ago my mom and I took pictures of her in my blessing dress because we thought she might grow out of it before her blessing, I will have to post those later) She was born 3 lbs heavier than I was. Anyway, the dress still fit and we got some pretty pictures.

We wish the grandmas and grandpas on both sides could have come, but Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins would go broke if they were to fly out for all 29 grandchildren and their baby blessings, and Grandma and Grandpa Biddulph are serving a mission in Chile, returning next February. Who knows, maybe next baby some of the grandparents will be there. Aunt Tina and Uncle Tyson were in Utah, so Uncle Geoff, Aunt Cindy and the cousins, Ian and Joshua were there to represent our family:) We loved having them!

Evan gave Lucy a pretty special baby blessing. She was promised health and strength both physicaly and spiritually. That she would be a light to all that she comes in contact with and an example to family. It said that she would be a light in our lives(her name Lucy means 'light'). That she would prepare young while in primary and young women's to live the gospel, and that she would have a testimony of the church and share it with others. that she would lead a happy life in the gospel and prepare and grow up and marry in the temple. That she would be a source of great happiness for our family and her future family. (One the way home Evan mentioned to me that he had the thought that she was going to date good men and marry a very special man in the temple.)

In the circle for the baby blessing, we had her doctor, Brother Gardner, our two hometeachers, Collin Sloan and Rey Tenney, my best friend's busband our good friend Aaron Cobbley, the bishopric, Bishop Wilson, Brother Blais, and Brother Evans, Evan's oldest brother Geoff, and Evan. I am so happy all of them were able to be there.

Lucy was calm and didn't fuss at all. Right when they sat down though, she was hungry and ate 4 oz:) She is a precious baby, and I know that she is a definite miracle in our lives. I hope that I can help set an example and teach her the gospel, so that when she leaves my home, she can be blessed and have confidence in making decisions as an individual and an adult with the Holy Ghost guiding her along the way.

She is a happy baby. Lucy has been such a blessing in my life especially as I have been sick and she has been so calm. She is sleeping 5-7 hours through the night, loves to coo and giggle. Sneezing is so cute because she talks a little before sneezing:) She has found my hair, that has been fun:) Her hair looks like a different color in each different light, and she looks a lot like Evan in his baby pictures, so we are interested to see what her hair does. For now we call her hair strawberry blonde-there is a lot of red in Evan's family, so I think that is where it came from.

It was a special day, one to always remember! June 7, 2009