Thursday, June 25, 2009

Miles came for a visit...and the first of many things including Lucy's 2 month visit.

So we had a great visit from Evan's brother Miles this week. He is a great friend and we had lots of fun, especially with Lucy.

We had dinner together and Lucy joined us in the high chair for the first time. Check out their pinkies, so proper :) Evan is learning to smile again after his nose surgery.

She didn't know what to do with her dinner ;)

We sang songs and had lots of smiles, Lucy loved hearing the songs, and the boys had lots of fun.

Miles asked if he could feed Lucy, and I couldn't say no to that :)

He loved burping her...too cute!

Lucy's first trip to the pool. The swim diaper was too big so my friend Amy suggested just putting it over her normal worked:)

She loves bathtime, and now she loves the pool.

We lasted for about 15-20 minutes and then she got to cold and tired, but it was fun!!! She loved this floaty that my sister gave to me.

Sweet moments with Miles, Lucy really liked him, and I'm pretty sure Miles thought she was pretty sweet herself. YAY for Uncle Miles.

Just relaxing and singing some songs. We even hear songs from the Vitamin Balloons, their childhood band. Very funny story behind the name, you need to ask them :)

Music to our ears...he even played some Regina Spektor, my favorite!
We took Lucy to her 2 month appointment today, and boy has she grown! We found out that she does have thrush, so that is what the q-tip in the picture is for-administering the medicine to the inside of her mouth. Lucy got three shots, and cried for about 20 seconds, and then just cuddled me. I asked the doctor if it was normal for her not to really cry, and she said that occasionally there will be babies who are happy non crying babies, and we got lucky with her. She has only cried about 5 times for real. (I think Lucy is a good baby to help us while I have all of my medical stuff, making it easier to take care of her) When we see others with crying babies it is different, because that is not what we are used to with Lucy. The doctor said that as she grows up a little more she might start crying...we shall see :) She is blowing bubbles and cooing and the doctor said that those are signs of wanting to talk. She can sit up if we hold her waist, and hold her head up now. She sleeps about 7 hours a night. Lucy loves to coo, giggle, smile and flirt with us. Sometimes Evan will tickle her face and say "ahooga" and she LOVES it!

Loves smiling for daddy.

posing for the camera

She got 3 shots. She used to wear this 'shirt' as a dress, but I liked it so much it is now a shirt:)

Lucy is:
13.3 lbs
24 inches long
She grew 2 1/2" in 1 month...she is going to be a tall cutie!!!!


Jami said...

I am one of the, um, "lucky" few who's baby cries WAY TOO MUCH. I'd be more than happy to pass some along to even things out for both of us... please...... (lol) I'm so glad you have a good baby to help when you guys have needed it. Guess I should be glad for my health... yeah... I'm working on that..... lol

Anonymous said...

Is Miles single?? Where does he live? You should totally hook a sister up, I haven't been on a date in FOREVER!

Aaron and Amy said...

those pics with miles are sooooo cute! Im glad Lucy loved the pool. we will have to go together someday.

Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

Miles is not single, he is hanging out with a really cool girl right now, sorry. Amy...we definitely need to swim together...maybe after the next round of rain storms:)

Melissa said...

Such a cutie pie! I can't get over those adorable cheeks! Hazel has some thrush too. :( Is she a fussy eater? Are you still coming out to UT this summer? I must see you if you are!

Shenna said...

She's so cute! Don't worry too much about the lack of crying. I asked my Dr. the same question with Alex. She slept through the night at three weeks (and then slept all day) and very rarely cried for anything. It took until she was about 6 months. Then it all came out. She has attitude coming out of places you didn't even know exist! She's been a little firecracker ever since. Hopefully Lucy doesn't get as much much attitude as Alex...she's seriously something else. I'm glad you have such a great baby!!

Tanya and Bracken said...

i love that she has a plate of food in front of her. ;) hilary i've noticed almost all your meals have fresh fruit. i'm so jealous. i wish i was motivated to prepare healthy meals like you. it's usally frozen pizza for us.