Friday, February 26, 2010

10 1/2 months old

So Lucy is growing up so quickly, I have been slower in taking pictures and blogging about her, but her it goes


Starting to crawl and move around a ton! She likes to get up on her hands and toes and making a 'V' with her body. She started crawling a little bit last week, and when I call her name while she tries she drops to the floor like she got caught or something..cute!

She just got her 2nd cold of her life, and it has been quite sad. She can't breathe, eat well, and is just miserable, hopefully it will pass soon. Thank goodness for baths.

Lucy is wearing size 12-18 mostly and some 18-24 month sizes.

She loves music, and tries to sing along.

Everyone loves her at church and likes to help with her which is a HUGE blessing since I am getting VERY pregnant with Peter and am overheated and tired a lot.

She eats well, not picky. SOOOO wonderful! She even eats snow and pickles like her mommy:)

She lifts her legs for us to change her bum:)

Her bedtime song is Silent Night, and as we sing it to her, she puts her hands up by her bed for sleeping position.

Her hair is growing and growing, starting to be a little shaggy, but is past being patient for me to give her pigtails, so for now it is and does what it does.

She LOVES LOVES LOVES little kids. She will squeal with delight and can't get enough of other little ones, thank goodness Peter is on his way:)

She is getting better at sippy cups, but she has been drinking successfully from my camelback water bottle for the last 3 or so months. I carry it everywhere I go, so she likes to steal my water. I had to get another one for her.

She loves her grandma, I think it will be SUPER cute when she can say grandma!!!

When she sees a fork or spoon, she wants some and starts grabbing the air, pumping her hands like she is going to grab it.

Evan makes her light up! He will walk in the room and she squeals, laughs, smiles, every cute action and sound comes from her.

She has been VERY patient and good as we have been fixing up the house and she has been hanging out with me!!! I can't wait for it to be done!!!

She also loves watching cartoons, and Finding Nemo is one of her favorite movies that she gets sucked into.

Anyway, she is a cutie pie, and I can't believe she will be one April 19.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend

So some friend's of ours were offering a $5 babysitting night at their house Saturday, so Evan and I jumped on that, and came up with a date night to celebrate Valentine's day. We dropped Lucy off and went to get a free $10 meal to share from Mi Cocina to take into our movie at AMC. (I called and they said they won't stop us from bringing in food, but it's not their favorite things for customers to do) We went and saw Valentine's Day, not the greatest movie, but it was cute.

We went to pick up Lucy, and they said she had a blast with the other kids and loved the cupcake that she ate:) She was cute. Evan went to wake her up to take her home, and she just was as happy as could be!

Today we went to church, and Lucy did well, she slept through the first hour of church and then was playful during Sunday school. I started feeling overheated, and couldn't make it through the rest of Sunday school or Relief Society-they need to fix the heating system. So Lucy and I hung out in the foyer until Evan came to bring us home. It snowed, and was beautiful! I love the snow, and will be happy it's gone for summer because then I get to swim, but I will miss it a lot, especially eating it:)

Evan made me lunch, and then let me take a 3 hour nap while he watched Lucy, and then I watched her while he slept, luckily she wanted to nap soon after he did:) Evan woke up and said "I might need some coaching" and then he made dinner, myValentine's day surprise:) He made chicken roll-ups, stuffing, potatoes, corn, and had sparkling cider. Yummy comfort food, perfect for the holiday and weather:) Lucy loved it too, not sure if she's supposed to have corn, but she loved it!

A picture of our new sewer line getting put in, that they have to dig up and fix tomorrow:)

Pictures of Lucy relaxing:)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pregnancy and a few almosts

I am 23 weeks pregnant, wahoo! 17 more weeks to go!!!! I have gestational diabetes, and have a high risk pregnancy. Crazy times!!! I have been feeling alright, probably mostly because I am so tired and caught up fixing our new home, dealing with contractors, etc. so I don't even think about anything else. So mostly, I am just tired, and by 5pm I am ready for bed!!!

My little baby boy kicks me all the time and Evan loves feeling him, he sings to him a lot, very cute!

Lucy is growing up. She is finally starting to crawl a little and pull herself up on things. I will be so happy once we have new carpet in our home and no more stinky wood floors, Lucy hit her face once, not fun-good thing a water bottle calmed her down.

She is almost 10 months old, and loves so much!

She loves spaghetti, raviolli, meat balls, pears, veggie snack sticks-the potato chip kind, goldfish, cheese sticks, chocolate chip cookies, yogurt, chicken nuggets, ramon noodles and a few other things that I can't remember:)

A few almosts:

we almost caught the skunks
Lucy is almost crawling
we almost flooded our basement, good thing we got a new sewer line
my mom is almost here to stay for a week or so
we are almost ready to paint and carpet
and then almost ready to move in
Evan almost always is cooking dinner now
I almost got my entire legs shaved, it's hard to find all that blonde hair

I am grateful for my almosts, it means a lot of blessings are headed our way

Off to another busy day...thanks for all your help and prayers our way!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Pepe Le Pew and Chocolate Chip cookies

So last time it snowed, and then today when it snowed we had a special visit from Pepe Le Pew. Apparently he has been living there for a while, and so today, the fun exterminators are going to try to find him a new home..YUCK! I hope there is only one and that Pepe doesn't have little friends hanging out as well.-just another fun hiccup along the way of getting into our new home:)

Because of the snow, my electricians canceled on me today(well they claimed "something" came up) but anyhow we are staying home today. We went to Kaiser and the Chiropractor and the roads were crazy to drive on..I do not do well driving with lots of snow, I prefer to watch, play in and eat snow only:) So hopefully we will be skunkless tomorrow, the electricians will finish(I am actually very pleased with them), and the carpet people are coming to measure for carpet we ordered.

Lucy and I were playing and watching cartoons, and then I decided to see how she would do with a chocolate chip cookie, I forgot chocolate melts. I broke off a piece for her, and she would NOT let go of it or give it back. Let's just say that she LOVES them, chocolate got everywhere and I had to PRY the last remaining bits from her hand. I wanted a picture, so I sneaked a quick one, not the best, but boy was she messy!!!

More to do, and more before and after pics of the house to come..