Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend

So some friend's of ours were offering a $5 babysitting night at their house Saturday, so Evan and I jumped on that, and came up with a date night to celebrate Valentine's day. We dropped Lucy off and went to get a free $10 meal to share from Mi Cocina to take into our movie at AMC. (I called and they said they won't stop us from bringing in food, but it's not their favorite things for customers to do) We went and saw Valentine's Day, not the greatest movie, but it was cute.

We went to pick up Lucy, and they said she had a blast with the other kids and loved the cupcake that she ate:) She was cute. Evan went to wake her up to take her home, and she just was as happy as could be!

Today we went to church, and Lucy did well, she slept through the first hour of church and then was playful during Sunday school. I started feeling overheated, and couldn't make it through the rest of Sunday school or Relief Society-they need to fix the heating system. So Lucy and I hung out in the foyer until Evan came to bring us home. It snowed, and was beautiful! I love the snow, and will be happy it's gone for summer because then I get to swim, but I will miss it a lot, especially eating it:)

Evan made me lunch, and then let me take a 3 hour nap while he watched Lucy, and then I watched her while he slept, luckily she wanted to nap soon after he did:) Evan woke up and said "I might need some coaching" and then he made dinner, myValentine's day surprise:) He made chicken roll-ups, stuffing, potatoes, corn, and had sparkling cider. Yummy comfort food, perfect for the holiday and weather:) Lucy loved it too, not sure if she's supposed to have corn, but she loved it!

A picture of our new sewer line getting put in, that they have to dig up and fix tomorrow:)

Pictures of Lucy relaxing:)


Jeff & Michelle said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I love that people did the $5 babysitting. That's awesome!

Seth Jenson said...

Looks like you guys are having fun. Glad you got the sewer line taken care of!

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