Friday, February 12, 2010

Pregnancy and a few almosts

I am 23 weeks pregnant, wahoo! 17 more weeks to go!!!! I have gestational diabetes, and have a high risk pregnancy. Crazy times!!! I have been feeling alright, probably mostly because I am so tired and caught up fixing our new home, dealing with contractors, etc. so I don't even think about anything else. So mostly, I am just tired, and by 5pm I am ready for bed!!!

My little baby boy kicks me all the time and Evan loves feeling him, he sings to him a lot, very cute!

Lucy is growing up. She is finally starting to crawl a little and pull herself up on things. I will be so happy once we have new carpet in our home and no more stinky wood floors, Lucy hit her face once, not fun-good thing a water bottle calmed her down.

She is almost 10 months old, and loves so much!

She loves spaghetti, raviolli, meat balls, pears, veggie snack sticks-the potato chip kind, goldfish, cheese sticks, chocolate chip cookies, yogurt, chicken nuggets, ramon noodles and a few other things that I can't remember:)

A few almosts:

we almost caught the skunks
Lucy is almost crawling
we almost flooded our basement, good thing we got a new sewer line
my mom is almost here to stay for a week or so
we are almost ready to paint and carpet
and then almost ready to move in
Evan almost always is cooking dinner now
I almost got my entire legs shaved, it's hard to find all that blonde hair

I am grateful for my almosts, it means a lot of blessings are headed our way

Off to another busy day...thanks for all your help and prayers our way!


Jeff & Michelle said...

You are amazing! So why is your pregnancy high risk? Because of contractions? Or is it related to the complications you had after Lucy? I don't know how you are keeping yourself together with so much going on! Pregnancy is rough! But at least you get the cute kicking and Lucy is adorable!

Oh, and I hope you get those skunks!

Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

I am high risk due to gestational diabetes, liver issues and the antibody they found in my blood, I now see a perinatologist monthly instead of my OBGYN-who I miss, he is a good man.

Hey I have a tax question for you, but I will email it to you:)

MJ said...

I can't believe how much you have going on! And on top of it all, you even SHAVE your LEGS!?!?! Honey, I gave that up my 6th month. I'm lucky if I have the time to now...