Thursday, December 30, 2010

Band-aids, this life, and 2011

We had a checkup for Peter on Tuesday. His surgeon said that his head is healing great, and that we just need to come back in another year for a final checkup. Also to put a band-aid on his scar on his forehead when we go out in the sun so that it doesn't turn bright red. What a sweet baby boy. He will be 7 months old on Jan 3, so crazy!

On another note. I just found out some sad news. I don't deal well with death. I know that when we die we go on to a better place and that family is eternal, we get to see each other again after we all die. The sad thing for me, is in this short blip of our existence, on earth, we only have a short time here with our loved ones, and when someone passes we can't hold them on earth again, and you can't tell the person the things you never got around to telling them, or the things you should have told them because they needed to hear those things.

We just found out that my friend's little boy died on Wednesday. He died peacefully in his sleep after a long stretch of cancer. I couldn't help feeling sad for my friend and her husband as they won't get to hold their little boy anymore. They have been through so much with him, highs and lows, and now their little boy is back with our Heavenly Father waiting for their return. It made me think of how sad I would feel if Peter or Lucy were to pass on. I know we all will eventually die, but it is sad saying goodbye. I pray that with their understanding of the plan of happiness and eternal families- Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father have for us, they will be able to heal and be comforted.

Then last night I received an email saying that my friend Laura Fish died. She was Lucy's nursery leader and my sweet friend. She had so much love, and with all of her trials and struggles, she was so kind to everyone. She loved Lucy and I feel bad that I didn't tell her how much I appreciated her love, friendship, kindness, hugs, etc. She will be forever missed, and I know Lucy will miss her tons! I will try to speak up more often to those who bless our lives. Again I am happy to have faith to know that this life is temporary and for learning as we get to return to live with our Heavenly Father again and have eternal families.

What a year. This has been one of the hardest, most challenging years of my life. I know that I have learned lots, been blessed in more ways than I know. I love my family and can't wait to see what 2011 has to offer. Isn't that crazy, 2011-I remember thinking that in the 2000 and up there would be flying cars and robots, etc. and now it is 2010, and I am trying to learn how to live a more simple life to enjoy my family more-getting away from a lot of the technology that is speeding things up way too fast. We shall see:)

I love you all! Thanks for helping make my life a blessed one! From Evan and my family, we wish you all a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Hello Family and Friends!

We have had quite the year!

Lucy turned 1 in April and is headed to the “Big 2” in a few months. She is a doll! She starts her day looking out the window with one of us telling her she is going to have a beautiful day. She then has a big bowl of cereal (you might think we starved her the night before by how hungry she is). She immediately starts her active day playing with toys, running inside/outside, climbing the stairs, riding her bike and playing Frisbee, jumping, rearranging every room and running to Peter’s aide when he needs someone. She doesn’t know the meaning of sitting still. She sings, dances, tells funny stories that only Peter understands, likes to cover her mouth and giggle and holds my hand leading me to many fun places. Lucy loves to color, hug and kiss Peter, unload the dishwasher with me, stand on a chair to help cook, and reach for everything on the counter. She knocks on doors and windows when she wants to go somewhere, and when I tell her we are going bye-bye she walks out with me to the car and waits patiently at her door while I get Peter in the car. She cuddles so much, wrestles Evan and hugs and kisses Evan and waves at him while he walks out the door to work. She eagerly awaits Evan’s return every afternoon jumping up running to the door when she seems him nearing our home. And while we haven’t learned the art of keeping her still in church, she is a delight to be with. She loves everyone and is instant friends and cuddles whomever she meets. She naps 3-4 hours each afternoon, and when it’s time to sleep she is excited and so cute during her prayers and nighttime lullaby of Silent Night. We just love our little Lucy and can’t wait to see the new things she will explore and how she will grow more wonderful everyday.

Peter is our little man. He is so funny. He laughs and cuddles with Lucy on the floor, and is almost able to keep up with his big sister. He has the strongest grip you could imagine, as the ladies at church have found when they walk past him and get stopped with his grip on their skirts! J Peter squeals, giggles and is trying to talk. Lucy and Peter have their own language and one day I would love to be in on the conversation. He loves sitting and playing with Evan and could stare at him all day long. He loves to sit by himself, stand up holding our fingers, and loves to chew on his toes. He is growing strong as he is a 6 ½ month old weighing in at 20 lbs and 29 ½” long. Evan’s afraid he won’t fit in our basement later in life! J He eats great and sleeps even better. He is trying to get some teeth right now making his life a little rockier than he would like it-otherwise he is the happiest baby around. He flirts with his winks and scrunches his face when he likes someone. Peter is so cute when he nestles in to someone’s face for some affection. He loves going to the zoo and exploring everything so intently. I am amazed at how fast he is changing and growing.

Evan: What a busy guy. We celebrated his birthday last week and he has been growing professionally as he has tackled on two new subjects to teach this year: Math and Science. His 6th grade kids love him so much and surprise him with gifts and drawings a lot. For his birthday they brought in cupcakes and presents. We love that he gets to walk to work each day and often comes home for lunch. He is a great husband and father, and loves to make us happy. He works so hard and is so exhausted from all that he does, but still finds time to help with laundry, bathe and play with the children, and has a goal to learn to cook more. He is helping out in the Elder’s Quorum presidency, which keeps him busy and loves the new friends he is making. He is excited for this Christmas break to try to sleep in, we shall see if that happens! J He loves to show off pictures of our kids, and has been amazing at working on our home. His sneezes and laughter often startles Peter but he is quick to soothe him. Evan loves word games especially Scrabble. He finds joy in coming home to hugs and sloppy kisses from Lucy and Peter.

Hilary: I have been busy trying to be a mommy, wife and just me. I have been busy loving on Peter and Lucy and being the mommy I always wanted to be. I love trying new things everyday with those little munchkins. I like to scoop them both up and kiss on them all day long. Evan is a great husband and I love being married to him. He supports me in everything and I couldn’t ask for a better husband and friend. He’s not too bad to play Scrabble with either. I love trying new recipes, follow awesome Blogs that uplift and encourage me, challenging myself, and trying new things daily. I have been officiating for the Young Women volleyball and basketball and feel totally silly but they are patient with me. I have tried Zumba and am so excited to do more classes-Evan is trying a class with me over the break. I am gearing up for an awesome year and am just excited to work on my 2011 goals. I love that I have realized I can do things in stages and don’t have to be perfect all at once-that was a hard thing to get over.

So, after buying a new home, fixing it up, having a baby, too many hospital visits, lots of Blog updates (, new classes, new adventures, highs and lows, friends and family, we know we are loved. We know Heavenly Father is watching over us and helping us grow. We know that we can accomplish what we set out for, and that patience and time are key factors in many facets of life.

We have loved bonding with friends and family over this past year. J I am grateful for all of the prayers that you have all prayed on our family’s behalf as we have had one of our most busy and challenging years. We feel your love through your words, emails, acts of service, etc. THANK YOU for all of your support!

We are grateful for video chat that will allow Lucy and Peter to talk with their Grandma Betty and Grandpa Romney while they serve their second mission in Chile, and Grandma Liz and Grandpa Steve in Washington so many miles away.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you feel the love of our Savior Jesus Christ as we celebrate his birth on Christmas Day. Happy 2011-We look forward to hearing what your new year brings to you.


Evan, Hilary, Lucy, and Peter Biddulph

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Bread Bags -sneak peak

Here is a rough sneak peak of the bread bags I am making. They help keep bread warm with the use of the flax bag. They allow steam too escape from the opening when the drawstring is pulled.

I will have more bags posted at the end of the week.

If you are interested in learning how to earn a free bag, send me an email at

They are selling for $45 each, and currently the promotion is 25% off until 12/18/2010 Mention "pigglewiggle" to receive the discount. You can order by email Special requests accepted.

CHEERS! and thanks for helping pay off my sewer line:)

Monday, December 06, 2010

Lucy Lucy Lucy-what am I going to do with her? (and pizza with the granparents)

Lucy is sooo stinkin cute! I just want to scoop her up and hold her all of the time.

she is 19 months old- almost 20 months. She loves nursery, and when she escapes from me in church she runs to knock on the nursery to go play.

Helps with Christmas:)
reads reads reads-one of her favorite past times.
plays with feathers and loves every minute of it

Loves her veggies
burps her baby and plays with our new pets-the pigs
Peter and Evan are sure cute too
she loves grapes
She runs to Peter's aide all of the time. When I don't get him from his crib in what she thinks is good time, she runs to his crib and climbs up and talks, giggles, and helps pacifies him.

She likes to rub his head saying "soft" and kisses on him a lot-especially before she or he lays down.

She balances on one foot for fun and loves to kiss on us.

She practices walking backwards often, and today at the doctor's she thought it was so funny watching herself walk backwards.

Loves watching Evan walk home from work and knocks on the door to let him in(so cute)

She colors, colors, oh, and did I mention she colors. EVERYWHERE. it is her favorite thing to do, in fact it is what helps her make it through sacrament meeting at church.

She LOVES lotion, she loves scratches, foot rubs, she was meant for the spa.

Bath-time is a definite must, as she must pretend she is lost in the ocean exploring because she never gets tired of it.

She puts both hands over her mouth and giggles-we don't know where she learned that, but I am guessing Caillou.

She has starting frowing her brow when investigating something or when she doesn't approve of what I am asking her to do.

She eats a big bowl of cereal every morning, and loves to do so on my lap as I feed Peter simultaneously.

Puzzles are so much fun, and climbing up the chairs makes it even more enjoyable.(Sometimes she calls for me to help get down-in her own language of course)

Frisbee is a fun game to play outside-she never gets tired of running after it.

The wagon and car in the backyard can keep her busy for hours, as well as picking up leaves, rocks, and twigs that she finds and brings to the garbage can.

She loves to share food(not her toys yet). Today she fed me a chip, and then picked up all the crumbs off my shirt and either ate them or put them in my mouth.

She giggles a lot, and when she makes a joke or thinks she's funny she belts out a laugh.

She is great at getting in and out of the car and going to the front door and waiting patiently while I bring Peter up the step. (Sometimes she plays on her bike while I unload groceries)

Jewelry is fun for her. She loves putting on bracelets, necklaces, and anything else she can find. We tell her she looks pretty and she wears them ALL day long.

Caillou still out ranks any other show, and is helpful for when I need to get the house cleaned.
Singing, leading the music, leading the wind outside, dacing, twirling, spinning, jumping, running, sliding, running and sliding, rolling, flopping, cliff diving(off of the coffee table and bean bag and couches, climbing-man she keeps me busy.

Water-her favorite drink like her mommy.

She wants to brush her teeth all of the time.

When she is around other people she gets more wild and excited-sometimes hard when she realizes she shouldn't pounce other kids.

She likes to run and slide into position next to Peter-and then thinks it's awesome to steamroll over him.

She loves her nap and likes to put herself to sleep, Lucy is such an angel!

Pizza with Grandma Betty and Grandpa Romney

We made homemade wheat and white dough pizza-created our own combinations
DELICIOUS-we want to do it again-fun time!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Spread the News!

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