Thursday, December 02, 2010

Spread the News!

I am selling great tile coasters and soon bread bags on my etsy shop. Now through December 10th if you use the code word "pigglewiggle" at checkout and you will get 25% off. If you see something on there but want something slightly different I accept special orders.

If someone uses you as a reference in their notes then you will receive 1 free coaster.

Thanks for your support in helping pay off my sewer line bill:)

You may email special requests to



JNH said...

tell me/show me the bread bags!
Are these what I think they are??

JNH said...

oh, and will they be up in time for the 25% off deal :)

Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

Bread bags keep bread warm up to 2 hours..awesome eh!! I will post pics tonight, and email you them as well. Yes, the coupon will be good for these as well, I might extend the coupon for another week since I slacked a little:)