Thursday, July 17, 2008


So, if you ever need to know anything about Evan, HE LOVES BASEBALL!!! I didn't really know much about baseball until I met Evan, and now I LOVE IT TOO!!! I know, I didn't EVER think those words would come from my mouth, but I REALLY LOVE BASEBALL. We hope to travel around the states and go to all MLB Stadiums! We like that goal!

10 Reasons Why I love Baseball:
1. Evan loves it!
2. The smell of hotdogs
3. You get to throw your peanut shells on the ground
4. It is something all of his brother's enjoy and love!!! Cool family tradition that I hope goes on forever!
5. Evan buys me hot chocolate when it is a snowy or freezing cold game!
6. Evan makes it fun and teaches me about baseball
7. Evan makes the 7th inning stretch sooo much fun! He sings louder than anyone around us:)
8. I get to be with Evan...even if it didn't start out as my favorite..I have learned to love it!
9. We found a free parking spot for every game
10. One day we will get to go to every stadium...VERY COOL EH?

Oh Evan!

Let's just say that this was the funniest day at the doctor...

Let's try this again...

So it has been a while, mostly because I forgot my password, but I am back!! Last night we went out to eat, and the food made me want to here I am. We went to eat at Bucci's Greek and Italian Specialties. Located in Littleton, Colorado at 8030 S Holly St Littleton, CO. (5 minutes from the Denver Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) If you go to they have gift certificate deals, so we had to spend $35, to get $25 off. GREAT DEAL!! I know!

So I ordered the Gyro with Feta Cheese that had a side of tomato, onion and cucumber salad and then a side of heavenly orzo pilaf.

Evan ordered a stuffed 18" with Everything! Let's just say we weren't thinking how big 18" really was, we were just trying to spend the money. Well, you NEED to try this place out!!! I can't say enough of how great it is!

Well, I will try to keep up on my blog, hopefully I won't forget my password again:) Cheers for now!!!