Sunday, February 03, 2013

New York City!!!! Night 1


Last Fall I got an email from Southwest Airlines announcing some super cheap tickets!!! I emailed Evan and asked if we should book a trip, so an hour later after making some phone calls to my Mother in Law to see if she could watch our kids while we were gone, we booked tickets over a long work free weekend.

The few weeks leading up to the trip were crazy.  We are also getting Lucy tested for Autism, there was tons of sickness that kept sneaking it's way into our lives(preschool for you).  I was worried that Evan and I would die on the airplane and our children would be parent-less.  Silly I know, but thousands of things were running through my head. Not to mention that we were getting the house ready to refinance to a better rate saving us a couple hundred on our mortgage each month.  Too much on our plate.

The day arrived, Evan was going to work and I was going to pick him up at school and drive to the airport.  Since Lucy had had tummy issues, I decided to give he a laxative the night before.  Her tummy looked like a soccer ball, it was crazy.  The next morning we woke up to the foulest smell.  I apparently gave her too much laxative, and her entire body and bed were covered.  12 loads of laundry and stuffed animals later, her bed was made and Lucy had a flat tummy again, no more constipation:)  I got everything ready for Betty and kept crying, got in the car and we drove off to the aiport, I couldn't stop crying.  Before I walked out, Lucy cried asking me why I had to go, and told me she didn't want me to leave..that was rough.

We had plenty of time so we grabbed a plate of nachos to share and then boarded the airplane. I cried some more. We got on the plane and realized that since we didn't have kids with us we didn't plan anything to do for the 3-1/2 plane ride.  Skymall got boring quickly.  We had fun mixing juice and gingerale and then we both had a little nap and at the very end the plane decided to get really bumpy, and of course I cried a little and held Evan's hand.  But we made it, it was all good.

 We had a great view from the plane and before we took off we made 2 little videos for Lucy and Peter:)

We got off the plane, booked our shuttle ride, and made it to NEW YORK CITY!  We got of the shuttle and walked a mile to the hotel.  It was a nice walk, cold and breezy but we were starting to forget our stresses.

We got to the PARK CENTRAL HOTEL!  It was in view of Time Square, just below Central Park and across from Carnagie Hall.  There was a mix up with our room, but we finally got in. Dropped off our stuff and left to go get some food:) Falafel and a Delicious burger..seriously so yummy! We went to bed at 2am, midnight Denver time.  Great day of traveling, great time alone with Evan, and the first night of our 5 day and 4 night trip:)