Monday, March 29, 2010

a lot of updates

So if you are wondering why I haven't posted pics of the house, or updated for a while, it is because life has taken over:) So I will try to summarize without writing too much:)

-Moved in-same day I went in the hospital (twice) with stomach flu
-Lucy had stomach flu, two colds and both ear drums burst. It was for her entire 10 month of life. So sad for her. I might say no to hanging out if your kids have been sick, I don't think I can go through a month like that again..HORRIBLE!!! I'm glad Lucy is finally back to her smiley self!
-Evan's Spring Break came and went.
-we caught 5 skunks and finally put up chicken wire to block the skunks from living under the deck
-tons of snow!!!
-we are slooooowly unpacking, wish my body was up for more
-my baby is measuring almost 3 weeks ahead of time, and we have decided to schedule a c-section for June 1 rather than risking infection and ending up in a c-section anyway, especially with such a big baby
-we bought a guest bed(it got stuck going down in the basement, we almost cut a hole in the wall to make it fit, but Evan and I work together well, and somehow managed to get it downstairs) we love visitors. Evan sliced his finger open this night and Lucy was especially fussy, our Friday night turned out a lot different than planned.
-been making plans for baby, family, house, cleaning other house, visitors, etc
-Evan is now going to teach new subjects and is learning lots
-Lucy is crawling everywhere, up on everything, and is starting to stand by herself, she likes to walk when Evan holds her hands.
-church is hard with Lucy-nap time, feeding, my nap time, etc Evan helps tons!
-couponing tons and finding deals on craigslist
-Evan set up Peter's crib(someone gave us a crib-with no bolts so we matched some at Home Depot, took 2 trips, two dressers, and a bookshelf)
-finding out new things about the house
-wishing I could get a massage everyday

Anyway, life has been busy but good. We are getting lots done, trying to settle in, and all stay healthy and well. Here are a few pictures..I will post more when we unpack more:)

Counting Lady Bugs while I sort clothes in Peter's room

Trying to get her fever down in the tub

Cleaning up the chairs we got for free off of craigslist

Evan and I kept switching off in this position with our sick little girl. None of us were getting any sleep.

Still sick, two trips to the doctor, and she finally got put on some antibiotics for her ear drums(just after having stomach flu)

Our beautiful snow. It made the tree sink down and touch the ground, when Evan tried hitting the snowing off, the branches flipped up and hit him, it was comical!

Our $5 toy from craigslist, it turns into a walked too. She is growing up so quickly!

Evan is so happy! The basement is turning into a very fun place to hang out. He just set up his pinball and arcade.

Lucy watching daddy set up Peter's crib.

28 weeks with Peter, I am further along now but I haven't been good at
taking or posting prego pics.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Target, Poop, and taking it like a man:)

So today Evan, Lucy and I went to Target to use our coupons for stocking up on diapers for our new little one. We only bought newborn diapers today, and while I was paying Evan walked out of the store to put Lucy in the car. I walked out and saw Evan holding Lucy by her hands and having her stand up. I just figured that he was letting her jump in the melting snow while they waited for me. As I get closer I start laughing as I see Evan covered in poop. I start helping undress Lucy (in the cold breezy air) and realize that the poop made it all the way up her back and neck, GROSS!

Then I start laughing more because I forgot to bring diapers in the bag, and then started looking for any diapers in the car, there was a size 2 (she wears a size 4), so we started changing her diaper(many many wipes later) and when we open her diaper, there was hardly any poop in it, no wonder it was all over her back! As Evan was trying to get this little diaper on her, the velcro rips off, and then we find another diaper to reinforce, so she was now wearing 2 diapers, and the extra pair of clothes I left in the car.

Evan still had poop all over his shirt, hands and arms, and while he cleaned up, I cleaned up her poopy car-seat. I am sure anyone looking at us in the parking lot was curious to what was going on.

Lesson learned, put the diaper on better, and ALWAYS have spare diapers in the correct size with you:)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

New Goals, $, etc.

So we are almost moving into our new house, and with the new house comes new bills, priorities, etc. We had an emergency sewer line put in $10,000, skunk removal and skunk fence$, plus carpet$, new baby on the way$, and a few other things$. Let's just say it has set us back more than we would like. So we are trying to be creative with our budget until things settle down(probably take us a year to settle down). So I decided that we need to have new goals and strategy of how to financially make it this next year(until next tax season) and also including the Lord in all our decisions. Yes, I already do a lot of these but need to get here we go!

So a few goals:
*$200 or lower for food, baby, all groceries

*Make date night a free night in all aspects

*Have a weekly menu that I repeat so that I know to the penny what I need and spend

*Read the entire Ensign every month(I have been struggling with that one)
*Get to the Temple AT LEAST monthly!!!!!

*Read the Book of Mormon more dilligently

*Keep a gratitude Journal

*Continue paying tithing even when I wish I had those extra dollars for bills
*Pray for divine intervention*Have faith and know things will pan out how they need to
*Keep all receipts and record every penny, even if it is for the $0.25 machine

If you have any suggestions for any of my goals or other goals I should incorporate, feel free to suggest anything, especially Menu ideas for cheap, my problem is affording fresh veggies and fruit without things going bad...I love fresh fruit, in fact I have been CRAVING strawberries-too expensive though. Or if you know how to make $ at home, I would love that too!

Anyway, wish us luck!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Moving Day is almost here!!!

So there was a delay in the carpet because it was on back-order, but we now have an official date, Next Monday and Tuesday it will be installed, which means that Saturday will be our big moving day, with the U-haul. We are sooooo excited. It has become a little more challenging being sick, having very expensive and unplanned projects come up, and just plain being pooped out! I think that if I weren't pregnant, this might be a little easier, but who knows. Last night a dear friend dropped off dinner to us, to which I am very grateful, Evan was so happy-no cereal for him that night:)

We already started moving stuff over, and the house is starting to take shape. We had great friends help patch, repair, paint and help us with support as this month has gone and passed since closing. I don't think we would have made it without all of your help, so THANK YOU!!!!

So, we are starting to move over, if you are bored on Saturday morning the 13th, feel free to join in the fun, plus it's one less trip to the gym right:)

Here are some sneak peaks of the kids rooms from Valerie and living room that my mom painted.

Oh and some fun pictures of Lucy trying to be like daddy, she already has the grip down:)