Thursday, March 25, 2010

Target, Poop, and taking it like a man:)

So today Evan, Lucy and I went to Target to use our coupons for stocking up on diapers for our new little one. We only bought newborn diapers today, and while I was paying Evan walked out of the store to put Lucy in the car. I walked out and saw Evan holding Lucy by her hands and having her stand up. I just figured that he was letting her jump in the melting snow while they waited for me. As I get closer I start laughing as I see Evan covered in poop. I start helping undress Lucy (in the cold breezy air) and realize that the poop made it all the way up her back and neck, GROSS!

Then I start laughing more because I forgot to bring diapers in the bag, and then started looking for any diapers in the car, there was a size 2 (she wears a size 4), so we started changing her diaper(many many wipes later) and when we open her diaper, there was hardly any poop in it, no wonder it was all over her back! As Evan was trying to get this little diaper on her, the velcro rips off, and then we find another diaper to reinforce, so she was now wearing 2 diapers, and the extra pair of clothes I left in the car.

Evan still had poop all over his shirt, hands and arms, and while he cleaned up, I cleaned up her poopy car-seat. I am sure anyone looking at us in the parking lot was curious to what was going on.

Lesson learned, put the diaper on better, and ALWAYS have spare diapers in the correct size with you:)


Aaron and Amy said...

that is soooo stinking funny!!!

Melissa said...


Shenna said...

Eeeew, that stinks. :) I hate it when you're caught a bit off guard like that...especially when it involves poop.

Tanya and Bracken said...

you look so great in that picture. and i love the cute tight shirt on your belly. :)