Saturday, November 27, 2010

all in two weeks time:)

We had a fun week's break. I LOVE that Evan is a school teacher and gets holiday breaks. Here are some fun pictures and videos(videos from the last 2 weeks.)

Lucy loves Cindy-she just crawled up and sat next to her.
Making Chocolates with Lucy

Peter sat up by himself
Peter sat up by himself

Peter loves his toes and can't ever get enough of them

Lucy loved chillin, wathching Caillou, looking and touching the Christmas tree lights.
lots of swinging:)

made crafts
More smiles and

We attempted to go to the lighting up of Main Street in Littleton, but Lucy had a melt down so we had to go home.

Here are a few fun videos..I wish I could post more, but I have way too many:) I love our flip camera!

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JNH said...

oh! and I NEED to know how to make those pretzels they were DEVINE! I must have more LOL email that to me, will ya!