Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Etsy!!!

I am so excited! I was inspired by my friend Jessica Tatro. She is incredible, and has started selling hats that she makes. SO INCREDIBLE. Anyway, money has been tight for us since we had to repair some broken pipes, sewer line etc, and since I am a stay at home mommy, I decided to start working on my own crafts to sell.

I went to have lunch with my friend Melanie Hendrix and she showed me a few craft ideas, and one of them was tile coasters. I have made tons of these now, just listed tonight, and had my first sale to someone I don't know who randomly found me and featured me on her blog.

Anyway, I created business cards a while back thinking I would start selling bread out of my home, so I have a blog etc, and now I am getting things rolling. Slowly, but they have started.

So here is a picture. I am starting to sell bread bags, bread, cinnamon rolls, and the tile coasters for now. I will post more pics later- I am most excited about the bread bags, and will be offering either a free loaf of bread or bread making lessons with purchase for those local.


The Cleverley's said...

Way to go! I love etsy. I opened my shop in September, and have been busy ever since. Good luck, and have fun.

Jessica said...

Holy cow! Those are AWESOME!!!
Also, just a side note, I stopped selling on Etsy because they charge WAY too many fees. You can set up your store on blogger and have payment buttons from paypal linked directly to your account. Then the only fees you have to pay are paypal. Just a thought. facebook me if you want more info