Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Oh My!!

Oh My! We have had a crazy last week or so.

Lucy barfed on ME 8-9 times in 4 hours.

I got her stomach flu

Christmas music

Cuddles from Lucy

Foot Rubs from Evan

Lots of Loads of laundry-Thank You EVan!!

Peter is having surgery on Wednesday-completely confident things will be fine

Bought 180 cans of cream of chicken and mushroom soup and 10 gatorades for $3.10


Lucy is completely taken back by Peter as he laughs so much drool just falls out, he laughs harder because he just love Lucy sooo much, and Lucy starts looking like she will be sick from all the drool

Walks along the trails and neighborhood


Bought a pizza with pocket change

My neice went into the MTC

Teething Peter, TONS of drool, many loads of all the bibs:)

I sliced a chunk of my middle finger off on the mandolin-awful!

Reading the Book of Mormon and other words of the Lord

Been selling off some of our stuff-feels good

Roasted and pureed 3 pumpkins and seeds..LOTS OF WORK!

Enjoy Church more and more. I think the more I need it and want it, it becomes more special when I can actually sit through it and not be home or in the hall with Lucy or Peter. Last week's lesson on the atonement really touched my heart

Hulu, craigslist, facebook, blogger, email, camera, family website, couponing sites, all great inventions

Phone calls from family

Hopes and Dreams


Dinner with friends

Running starts to hugs from Lucy

lists, calendars and getting organized:)

My list could go on and on.

It's been a busy week, and I just keep realizing that I do and will have many trials, but the blessings afterward really do make up for the hard parts of life. I think I feel this way whenever Lucy and Peter get into Laughing fits...it's just soooo sweet. I love seeing Peter follow Lucy around the room and light up when she is near him.

I think the important thing is to know that life is going to be challenging, we need to be positive and look forward to the blessings of our trials. Seek and learn and know that if we were perfect we wouldn't be on the earth any longer, so for now, let's enjoy what we have, push through the tough times, hang on when that's all we have left, and realize that there are lots of happy times around us- there are more when we stop focusing on the negative and just soak in the good that IS always there. PS, there is always hot chocolate and a pillow to lay on, that makes me happy after a long day:)

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Melissa said...

I sliced a chunk of my thumb off with a mandoline, so I feel your pain (literally!) And those pumpkins are hard work, but it's so much better making pumpkin pie with real pumpkin than that stuff in the can!