Thursday, November 04, 2010

5 months and 18 months

That's right, they keep growing and getting cuter each day!

Some of the things she does to Peter warrants those horns!

Peter is now 5 months and growing like a weed! He has lots of blonde hair and the biggest blue eyes just like Lucy. He smiles and drools all the time, and like his sister did, has started teething since 4 months, now if the teeth would just pop through already:) He sleeps like a champ most nights, and take about 6 naps a day. I feel blessed by that, especially since Lucy is such a busy body these days.

He absolutely can't get enough of Lucy!
We have started him on cereal, but he still prefers the bottle-I'm sure that will change as time goes on. Peter LOVES to stare at whoever is playing with him, stick out his tongue and squeal so much. Most of the time we end up in laughing fits, and definitely get a work out from that:) He stands and holds onto our fingers, does sit-ups, tries to roll over, loves tummy time a lot more than Lucy ever did, loves batting and trying to grab at the little animals that we have near him. He is at least 18 lbs, next week we will find out exactly when he goes in for his surgery on the cyst in his forehead. I swear he is going to pass up Lucy pretty quickly.

getting a cat scan
our pumpkin patch

Lucy always there helping Peter eat
My blue-eyed boy!

Lucy Lucy Lucy, I feel that's all I have to write and it explains everything:) She is such a joy and we are best friends! She loves to hug, cuddle, hold hands, wrap her arm around me when we sit together. She is getting so cute and her hair is growing sooo long. I can even get 1 ponytail, or two cute ones:) She has all her teeth, to my detriment as she likes to bite me and then says ow-we are still working through this phase. She also scratches us and then says ow. Not sure I like this phase. Lucy thinks paper is a yummy snack, but we replace that often with celery her other favorite snack that she can walk around with. She plays so well by herself and is getting better with others, thank you to nursery. Lucy loves getting herself into mischief, espcially with the toilet. Her favorite show right now is Caillou She prefers to be outside and would be there all day if I would let her. She loves riding her bike and watering the lawn with the hose. Hats and shoes seem to be favorites to play with. Lucy adores Peter and sings, talks, and cuddles him. She comforts him when we don't get to him fast enough, and thinks his face is awesome to explore with her pointy fingers:) She helps get him from his crib every time he wakes up and they have a giggle fest. Her room is always a mess and different after each nap. When she wakes up she plays, and then knocks on the door when she is ready for me, and then she is standing on a tub, bed, or something waiting for me. She likes to swirl her hands in the air and loves leading music. She has started singing and humming, and pretends everything is a phone. We found out the hard way that she is allergic to apples. for two months I gave her an apple a day-SHE LOVES THEM!!! But she pooped like 8 times a day at least and I was getting worried. Then one day I remembered that her uncle is allergic to apples, and maybe that's the thing I should be looking at. I stopped giving her apples and immediately she got better. So we have to avoid apples and pears for a couple years and then can try again. So weird, and sad since she loves them. This is hard too since we have a lot of apples and Evan and I eat them for snacks. She found my apple the other day when I went in the other room, and let's just say the next two days were horrible with diapers! She is 31 and 1/4" tall 44 percentile 25 lbs 61 percentile

I love them both so much!

our little chick
riding her bike
Lucy wondering how to boot him so she can sit in there

a cool picture from playing out the playground
little chickie
She LOVES her little people barn
Checking her email while waiting to be seen by the doctor

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Your kids are adorable! Good pictures.