Sunday, November 21, 2010

this past week

Here is a catch up in pictures
Jeff and Joselyn came to home-teach us. We love them, so does Lucy!

Coming home from church

Can you tell what we are bringing for Thanksgiving:)

We got to the zoo too late to go in, so we wandered the gift shop.(Evan was at the zoo all day for a school conference.)

They were ready to be home:) I love their faces.
Lucy kissing daddy on her own, no prompting:)

She loves books

Wrestling and Peter wishing he could join in.

Flirting with daddy

Homemade Caramels-more pics to come:)


Loving tummy time.

My happy boy

Lucy likes to sit right next to him..and yes he is wearing a drama queen bib..all the other's were dirty.
Brother and sister:)-5 lbs apart:) 13 1/2 months apart

My cute teacher husband.

loves to read-i love this dress and her pig tails
sharing the love
Her cute pony tails
Grandma Betty and Peter
Leash came for a visit

Today Lucy played in the leaves for a long time..SO cute! I wish I had my camera on me. Peter just loved looking at everyone at church. So fun!


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

I love all of the updates! Peter doesn't even seem to be in any pain! :)

Hopefully you finish the year off without sickness!

A. Cobb Family said...

i love that they are only 5 lbs different. lol i miss thier cute little faces.....and yours too.