Monday, November 22, 2010

Peter's Blessing-Aug 1, 2010

So Peter was blessed Aug 1, 2010, but I didn't post it. And since I use my blog for a journal here it is:)

Evan, his dad Romney Biddulph, our Doctor who delivered Lucy and Peter, Dr. Steven Gardner were able to help out in the blessing. It was a very special day, it made me feel like I needed to be a better mother to Peter so he could fulfill what he needs to do in his life. I am i awe of this special spirit that blesses our home-he is an angel.

Peter's Blessing
-Have a healthy and Strong life
-Have an unwavering testimony of the gospel and will share his testimony of Jesus throughout the world
-Grow up and be active in Primary and Young Men's program
-Will prepare for a mission
-Prepare to find a young woman that he can take to the temple to be married and sealed to
-He will be a worthy and a happy example to family

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