Friday, June 19, 2009

Evan's Nose Surgery

I just wanted to update you on Evan's surgery and show off a few pictures. Last week he found out that he needed nose surgery on his deviated septum and turbinates, and luckily there was a cancellation so he was able to have surgery on the 18th instead of waiting until October. The surgeon said that he must have fractured his nose as a young teenager from rough housing or sports and that is why he has a deviated septum. Because of the deviated septum it created trouble with the turbinates (the things that help you breathe), causing deterioration of some cartilage.

So we left Lucy with my friend Alisa for the day at 1pm, and went to the hospital. The surgeon was running late, so he was delayed an 1 1/2 making him more nervous than he already was. When they gave him the 'happy meds', he was hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing at how he was acting and what he was saying. When he was asked if he felt like that normally, he was quick to state that he had never taken drugs before, and we all had a good laugh from that, Evan didn't even remember saying it:) The surgery went from 4:00-5:30 and when I went in to see him he did not look well. He was really white and in a lot of pain, probably more than he thought he would be. I stayed with him feeding him ice chips, applesauce and ginger ale until 8:00 and then I got to take him home. The drive home was rough, he felt every bump in the road.

The surgeon pulled me aside to chat while he was recovering and told me that the surgery went well. They fixed the turbinates and deviated septum. That they also had to graft some cartilage and repair the part that had been deteriorating. That was not in the plan, but I am glad they were able to resolve that as well. Evan will have splints in his nose for a week, and within 10 days start feeling like he can lift heavier objects and chew food, instead of lots of liquids. In 6 weeks he will get checked over, and by 4 months he should feel good as new.

Alisa met us at our house with her Dad, our friend Ray, and Lucy. Her dad and Ray gave Evan a blessing and went home. Evan slept in the recliner last night and Lucy and I slept in the living room next to him. Since I am not all the way recovered my energy is limited, so I am really getting exhausted, so hopefully Evan will heal well, and Lucy will get over her little cold soon. Lucy was really good for Alisa all day and they said they would love to watch her anytime(I was nervous leaving her for the first time, I missed her). We are definitely blessed with a good baby, especially through all of the medical things we are going through lately.

I need to crush up his pills in applesauce for him to get his pain killers and antibiotics since he does not swallow pills well. We went into the doctor today and they pulled the packing out of his nose, and he loved how much he could breathe, and then got congested, which he will be for about 3 weeks. Next week we will go in and pull the splints out, and then in August they will make sure that he healed correctly.

I am sure there will be more of an update later on, but for now, enjoy the pictures...


Jeff & Michelle said...

Oh man! I hope you are all feeling better soon! I wish I lived closer because I think you guys need someone to cook you dinner for sure! Hang in there.

Melissa said...

I also need this surgery, but now you've talked me out of it.

Ryan and Chrystal said...

He looks miserable. I hope he heals quickly and you all can get back to normal!