Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Poker Face and other fun things

So, Lucy giggles, smiles, coos, all of those cute things, and then when we pull out the camera, she gets distracted and blank stares at the camera. So we get a lot of pictures like these...

I have been trying to teach her to sit up, and on this day she was so tired and thought it was more comfortable to sit like this

I haven't been good with giving her tummy time. After the c-section I couldn't bend or lift much, and she didn't like tummy time then, so I forgot about it. So lately I have been trying to give her more tummy time, and she like it a lot more. A friend gave me a tummy time mat, and it has helped a ton, now she is working on the play gym without the tummy time mat and is getting better. I should probably have her try when she isn't so tired!
Even though we cut her hair, we couldn't cut it too short on top, or she would look ridiculous, so she still has a red stripe down the top.

Here are some random videos, more for me, but enjoy...first one she is playing with daddy. Evan has had a cold, and sneezes..she didn't get as startled as I thought she would.

She is so funny! Lucy is teething, and so she always is grabbing her mouth and gums, I think that makes this bottom video so much more entertaining for me:)


Nolo and Lauren said...

Ok... so I totally laughed at the pictures of Lucy when you were trying to get her to sit up. The way she looks (with her head back)is how I feel some days. Just don't have the strength to even lift my head up. Thanks for sharing all the fun pics.

Marianne said...

What a cute little bean you have. I had to laugh at the upside down pic cuz Jill does the same thing. She loves to tilt her head back and hang upside down.

Jami said...

She's so adorable! I love the "sitting up" pictures! I wish I had a boppy, but I have a bumbo, so can't complain. Quin's teeth (the left one in particular) on the bottom are right there... today was rough because of it. I didn't do tummy time much, either, so don't feel bad. I figure as long as they sit up eventually, they're doing well. :)

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Jami said...

I think this scammer Anony person needs to find a different blog to burden. Just my thinking. lol