Thursday, September 03, 2009

Almost like Christmas:)

This year the garden went in a little differently and the amount of sunshine lacked, but we did receive lots of rain. So, it didn't grow or turn out how we expected, but we did learn a few things.

Beans should definitely grow up a pole, even if they are bush beans.
And carrots need to be planted spread out, not close, because there are too many growing in a small place.
The broccoli that wouldn't grow last year seeded in other spots and we finally got a little broccoli piece:)
Strawberries get better every year, and now I want to let this garden turn into a strawberry patch.
Weeds are no fun, and it's better to let the dirt be uncovered than covered, moss can grow. However much I love Rhubarb, it doesn't want to grow for me at this point.
Our cucumbers, zucchini and squash haven't showed up, so not sure what happened there.
Our cherry tomatoes are stars, and I love the sweetness of home grown carrots.
Strawberries just out of the garden melt in your mouth and you wish you could savor it longer!
It takes a brave person to weed next to a snake, and because I am not feeling so brave, not sure if we still have a snake or not, and if there are any raspberries this year. I hear it takes 2-3 years anyway;) Next year they will be beautiful I am sure:)
Carrots are hard to pull out.

So here are tonight's pickings for a salad.

The smaller ones had to be pulled to make room for the others to grow better:)

The lone broccoli is mixed with the tomatoes;) Too cute!

Our lovely garden produce:) almost like Christmas, our surprise veggies and fruit:)
Last lesson learned. It is much more fun to weed with Lucy and Evan than all by myself. And I can't wait to grow a garden in my own home, it is a blessing from the Lord!

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Ryan and Chrystal said...

Gardening is awesome! When you get your own place you need to do "square foot gardening". No need to weed next to snakes because there are no weeds!!!!