Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lucy's first sleep over/Friday night date at the ER/house news/baby bath

So For the last couple weeks I have been having weird pains where my liver is. Every time I breathe in, sigh, etc I feel like little knives are stabbing me, not the coolest feeling. So then Thursday it had gotten so intense that I had been bawling the entire day and took about 3 hours to fall asleep. I woke up and used Kaiser's cool email system to email my OB. He called and talked to me and instructed me to call immediately if it got more severe. For now he thought maybe the baby was just growing bigger and smooshing my enlarged(2-3 times the size it should be) liver.

Well, it got SO much worse, I couldn't stop crying, I called in and made an appointment for 4pm. They called me at 12:30 telling me that I needed to get in immediately because they needed blood work done and there wouldn't be much time to get the results back. So I called Evan about 6 times at work, he finally answered, got someone to cover his class, and brought me to the doctor. I couldn't even lift Lucy.

After checking in they checked me out and then sent me to the ER thinking I may have gall stones or blood clots in my lungs. Meanwhile the Blais family offered to take Lucy and kept her over night. They had a blast! We checked into the ER, they did an X-Ray, ultrasound on my organs(Evan tried getting them to find out the sex of the baby, they just laughed), and then finally a cat scan(which they don't like doing to pregnant women, but I am far enough along that things should be fine). Nothing was found, and they decided to send me home, with pain meds, and instructions that I need to get a liver biopsy as soon as the baby is born and they can operate on me.

They killed my arm. My veins were sooo hard to get to, and then next day I was so bruised it hurt to bend my arm, that hasn't happened for while. The nurse just kind of dug around for a few minutes...ahhh! Evan cringed and that made me cry. I think out of the two nurses, they poked me about 5 different spots and each dug around..blah!

So now, I got a priesthood blessing, tell me that I will have a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby and a healthy delivery. I told that to my awesome doctor, and he liked that, but then reminded me that I wasn't told I would be perfectly comfortable, so I guess this is my trial and then my expanding baby is my blessing. I am grateful for this baby! I hope I can get super healthy after I deliver, that's the goal!

We got home late Friday night, 9 hours later, and it was weird not having Lucy in our home. I missed her, but we did sleep in which was nice. She was so cute when we picked her up..So cheery and excited to be there but see us too:)

On Saturday afternoon, Lucy and I were napping and then all of a sudden Evan burst open the bedroom door and scared me so bad, but had great news! We got the approval letter for the house! YAY!!!!!! The seller's Realtor gave a complaint against the bank to HUD homes and short sales saying that Bank of America wasn't following protocol, so their hands were forced into signing immediately! YAY!!!! So Monday we find out the closing date, which will be before Jan 31. So if you want to help clean, paint, drywall, tile, etc, Let me know, we can work out bread or babysitting exchanges:)


Overall a good weekend!

Lucy loves bath time!


Jami said...

So... I'm sure they thought of this, but just in case, did they check for pre-eclampsia?? My liver was hurting like that to the point of having to go to the ER... they thought it was gall stones but it wasn't... my liver was swelling and could've ruptured, causing internal bleeding and death for me... very scary... HELLP syndrome is what was causing all this... Just a thought because the first ER I went to didn't catch it, my doctor (who was in another state) talked to the ER doc and said get that baby OUT so I was transferred to another hospital and emergency c-sectioned so I, you know, wouldn't DIE. I'm sure they know all this, but I almost died because a whole bunch of small town docs didn't. So, anyway. :) Good luck!

Jami said...

I don't mean to scare you, but if at least you're aware, that's what matters, I guess. :)

Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

They did check fo preclampsia. Don't have it, thanks for the concern. It stems from liver issues 9 or so months ago. Just an ongoing thing. They just made sure it wasn't something fun:)

Lynsey said...

SCARY! I am sorry to hear that you were in so much pain. :( I hope that your pain meds are helping and that the rest of your pregnancy goes better. Hooray about your house, that is so exciting! Luv the pics of Lucy in the bath, TOO CUTE!!

Jami said...

I figured they probably did, but you never know. Glad they at least know what it is. :)

Shenna said...

Wow, so many things going on with you guys! First of all, congrats on the house. What an amazing blessing!! Sorry to hear about your health problems. Hopefully you can remain relatively "comfortable" for the next little bit until it comes time to meet your new little one! Good luck!