Sunday, April 11, 2010

32 weeks


So I am 32 weeks, and I still think they got my due date wrong and I should be further along, but oh well. I was going to go in June 1 for the c-section, but due to scheduling stuff with the dr and hospital I am now booked for June 3. I am happy. That is Evan's favorite number, so it is happy:)

I was so grateful for a friend at church today. She took Lucy all during Relief Society, and it was nice to just sit there, with no worries:) (Lucy even played with the bishop's mustache during that hour..too funny!)I saw myself in the full length mirror and almost died, I am HUGE!! at least in a dress, it is accentuated, but seriously! I kept getting asked if I was having the baby this week or twins, and how I was going to do it with 2 under 2, only 13 months apart. I got a little nervous from people's comments, but I am happy to say that I have a good support group of people, and I am offered help all the time, I will be blessed:)

I love being pregnant though. I love feeling Peter's kicks, and talking to him and wondering what he will be like. I like not worrying if I look fat that day, because I am prego!

I do miss bending, twisting, exercising, mowing the lawn, unloading the bottom of the dishwasher, shaving my legs, crawling on the floor with Lucy, laying on my belly to get massages, and a few other things. With that said though, I am truly grateful to be having another little angel.

We are trying to clean up the Biddulph's house that we have lived in for the last 2 years, and while we are there, we put Lucy in the high chair that Evan used when he was little. We have to watch her because there isn't a strap to hold her in(we are working on that-it must have broke off over the years). She is sure cute!

Will always eat her mac-n-cheese:)

Watching Evan at the sink

I love that she will eat anything! She does stick it back out of her mouth if she isn't ready for the bite or still has food in her mouth:)

Daddy's chair

Evan is soooo happy! He gets to watch baseball again..have his "me time". A while ago he bought 3 tickets for this season, and Saturday night he went to his first game. He worked hard all day, and definitely deserved to go! I was so exhausted from our busy day that I wish I would have hired a babysitter while he was gone so I could sleep, but that wasn't realistic. Lucy gave me a run for my money, and then finally went to sleep. I love having Evan in my life, I feel for single mothers-especially pregnant single mothers!!!
His seat

A Little video of his first game!


Jami said...

You will do fine with your two. It's easier to have them that close than most might think. They become so close and are one stage behind the other and do most things together... it's great. No worries. ;)

Jeff & Michelle said...

I think you look so cute! I bet it will be hard at first to have them close together, but I can see a lot of advantages to having them close together as they get older! You will do great!

Yay for our pregnancies almost being over! I love getting my body back - being able to twist/bend/sleep/etc etc! (Well, sleep is only "sort of" accurate when you have a newborn!)