Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Car

So I have decided to name my car in FRED Flinestone!!! It keeps breaking and working like a big rock!!! Oh is still grand!!!

I love EVAN!!!


John Howell said...

Hey We-We, It's me - not John!

Great picture of you two - though I think you should post or email some of the others. Mom said you had a lot of really good ones! Who took the picts?

Good luck with all the wedding stuff - and thanks for the reason to head to Utah. We are going to make a little vacation of it!

And I hear Hawaii is in the calandar for you two - where in hawaii - we are going to Maui in Nov. with John's office.

John Howell said...

oh - sorry about your car! makes me think of my old one. No wait - mine just died!
and then sort of started hobbling along after that!

HiLaryEv said...

So we are going to Kauai...I think that is how you spell it...My car is still making is almost done with though!!! I love you guys!!!