Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baking in the Fall season!!!

I love Fall! Anyone who knows me knows I think Fall is the best time of the year. I love wearing warmers clothes, scarves, mittens, drinking pumpkin spice drinks, eggnog, the crisp feeling in the air, putting pumpkins out on the porch with Mr. Potato Head faces. I listen to Christmas music all year round, but I increase it starting in the Fall. I love that people are nicer, better tv programs and movies come out. Sledding, harvesting your garden, snowballs, snow angels, Christmas lights, cold noses, cinnamon and harvest smells, pumpkins, corn mazes, roasted almonds, and carolers. Food that holds all memories past comes out and is shared with old friends and new friends. Baked Pumpkin seeds, Julekage, Mom's fajitas, burritos and enchiladas(you wouldn't think she is from Denmark, but rather South America), homemeade bread, jams, cookies, soup, soup, soup, hot chocolate, (I am not the cider type). I love this year especially that Evan and I are pregnant, we are preparing to bring in one of God's beautiful children that He is entrusting to us. We are saving for a house, hopefully we will be homeowners in about a year:) We are slowly putting together our baby crib and looking for free baby stuff on freecyclelittleton yahoo group. Evan will finish his Master's program this Fall. I feel very blessed that we have support from family and friends, good doctors and church leaders. I am excited for the election process to be over with. I know who I want in office, but I know that whoever is elected is not all powerful, and the our Heavenly Father is still in control, and we need to have faith, so with that said, I will support whoever is in office, whether I voted them in or not. Well, I have blabbered enough, so I will end and post the eggnog pictures and others that made me excited for fall!

Love to you all!


Nolo and Lauren said...

I totally love fall too. Why Nolo and I purposefully got married this time of year. We celebrate one year in a week. Good times. I've already put up some fall decorations and bottled peaches, jam and salsa. Yummy fresh farmer's market harvest.

Megan said...

Maybe all you fall lovers could come bake some cinnamon rolls at my house... my family has NO idea what that smells like! :)

ann marie said...

Yummy! I love fall too-A LOT!!! You will have to bring cinnamon rolls to Bunco sometime. YUM!!!

Did you know Melanie has a blog too? She's just beginning! Fun!

kerri ann said...

Mmmm... I tell people all the time about your bread. I especially liked it at the Plaza when you'd get mad because then the apartment would be full of delicious breads and baked goods.