Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Surgery

Well, we went in for Peter's followup from having surgery on his throat when he was in the NICU. I had to help hold his arms and legs still while a nurse held his head, and the doctor stuck a tube down Peter's throat. I had to try really hard to keep from crying! He screamed and was so sad, it took a while after it was done to calm him and then give him a bottle. His throat looks good, it is still a little red. We can try driving with him in higher elevations, but we will have to keep close on him to make sure that he is breathing properly. Not sure if I am ready to experiment though.

While we were in the office I asked them to check this bump in-bewtween his eyebrows. It almost feels like a marble is in there. I noticed it a couple months ago, but figured I would see if it would go away, hoping it was just a bump from Lucy playing with him. Well, it isn't. It is a dermoid cyst, next week we will get a catscan done and see what is going on in there exactly. I need to stop reading up on it on the internet, because I was super stressed last night thinking of what could be in there-namely cancer, it could have a tooth, eyeball, or other gross things too. Hopefully it is just extra skin that they need to take care of.

Anyway, I would appreciate all prayers on his behalf. Peter is definitely a strong little guy. I hope he doesn't remember any of this crazy stuff when he is older.

I will keep you posted, all I know now is that he will have a ct-scan in a week, we will go in for the consult in 4 weeks, and then surgery of some kind in the beginning of December.

Hope you all are soaking up this beautiful Fall! I love it!



Cardon Times said...

Poor little guy! I hope all goes with the ct scan and all. My prayers and thoughts will be with you all.

Megan said...

I can attest to it - he won't remember. You will, and that is painful enough. Levi "remembers" what we tell him about his brain surgery, but fortunately for us, he doesn't have any true memories. Now if only MY nightmares would stop.

You're all in our prayers!