Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a day in the life...

So we still need to post Christmas break photos, but for now, a day in the life of Lucy and Peter:) There are many more pictures, but these are what I have for now:)

Happy Lucy-of course holding her cow and saying 'moo'
Not loving his tummy time
Helping mommy clean
Brushing her teeth
Patiently grocery shopping and eating her free cookie
Lounging on the stairs after a long day
Peter's first kiss
Getting exercise-dance dance
Lucy getting over her stomach flu
So so soooo tired
Play time with daddy
Her normal pumpkin necklace eating a yummy banana
Peter exploring the powers of the remote
Learning to hold the bottle

Loves her purse, my shoes, shopping cart:)
Hoping the doggies would walk by
Dreaming of daddy returning from work
Dancing to the Wiggles "clap clap clap"
Pooped out!
Baskets are awesome!
Nap time
Finishing up her memoirs
Loves to eat ice like her mommy:)

Videos of

Peter eating Pizza

Cow says moo

Dance Dance Dance

Bath time!


Jeff & Michelle said...

Such cute photos! Your kids are adorable and you summed up day pretty well! Wait, where are the pictures of mommy relaxing and putting her feet up?! Oh wait, that doesn't happen! lol :)

A. Cobb Family said...

I love your cute lil kids!!! I love the pic of Lucy with her purse and your shoes....SO CUTE!!