Monday, July 25, 2011

Family Night for the Biddulph clan

So we haven't been the best at Family night, but we are getting better.

We talked about how Jesus is our brother and that He loves us and we love him. The kids saw his picture on the wall and smiled and giggled(like usual when they see pics of Jesus)

We changed into swim suits and took off for a fun swimming trip. We sang primary songs on the way to the pool. It had been a little windy and rainy today so the pool was a little cool but we still had a blast! Lucy is such a super swimmer. She doesn't want us to hold onto her. So in her floaties and swimsuit tube thingy she takes off all by herself:) Peter got to play with arm floaties and a red lady bug floaty:) I wish I had taken pictures of that.

After we played tons in the big pool and baby pool we got out to dry off, of course I forgot clothes for Lucy to change into but that didn't matter because she didn't even want the towel, she just wanted to run naked.-we did find a shirt of Peter's in the car for her:)

We stopped at Yogurtland for Family Night treats.
Lucy ate her's in the car, we finished at home:)

Lucy liked her's too much that she needed every last drop!

Then bath time and then BED:)
YAY! Success! We had a great family night:)


Cardon Times said...

Looks like you had a great night! YOu guys are so cute!

Jeff & Michelle said...

I love the pic of Lucy licking ice cream off the ground! LOL