Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Lucy and Peter Grew a Year Older!!!-and some catch up:)

So it's only been about 6-7 months since I last blogged, sadly I wished I would have kept up on it because SO much has happened.  to start with Lucy and Peter grew older.  Here are way too many pics showing their birthdays.

Lucy turned 3 so she stopped getting her speech and ot therapies in our house and she switched to PRE-SCHOOL!!! CRAZY! I am a mom of a preschooler.  I can't believe it!

She is so cute.  She LOVED preschool and talks about Miss Marlene and Miss Janet ALL OF THE TIME!  I can't wait for her to start up again in the Fall.

 Aunt Cindy gave her a Pink Tutu for Christmas and we ordered her a princess shirt since she became obsessed with Princesses.  Lucy asked for 3 balloons for her birthday and a princess hat.  So after her full day at preschool which we brought carrots and dip and petit fours for snack time we all drove to the dollar store and she chose her 3 balloons and a tiara. 

 She wanted to see the LDS Denver Temple, so we drove over and walked around the water fountain and went into the visitor's center-She loved seeing the Jesus Christ statue.  Then, off to dinner at Red Robin.  She and Peter ate mozzarella sticks and fries and some veggies and chicken from Evan's and my plate.  Lucy isn't huge into desserts, so after they sang happy birthday to her, Evan ate her dessert.  It was fun, low key and we just love her too much!

the next morning she woke up, wanted her same outfit, and wanted her new cinderella barbie that she got from us.

PETER PETER PETER..that's what we say a lot after the funny things that he does:)  he turned 2 right after our trip to San Francisco(i'll update that later)  He is so sweet and kind.  He loves kisses and hugs, he wants to make sure we are happy and also wants to be happy.  He is growing so tall and does so well with his 3 therapists that come to the house each week(I'll up date more on that later too).  He loves outside and loves to play in the van.  Peter has learned to put himself to sleep and loves Lucy more than words could describe.  They run and chase each other and hug and kiss each other all of the time.  Peter definitely has a personality and it is so cute.  I can't get enough of him. We love him so much!

he wants his learner's permit

best vanilla shake ever-he couldn't stand waiting for it to get made and given to us!

at the Carson Nature Center in Littleton-nect to Aspen Grove

enjoying summer

Birthday breakfast Pancakes and peaches-YUM!

With his sis and Berthoud cousins

He LOVES the new Piggy Bank-Lucy wanted his birthday gift

Those EYES!

We went up to Uncle Geoff's for a birthday lunch where we grilled pizza and veggies for a meal.  And had a yummy spaghetti side for the kids.

A car he got from Grandma Betty

They are best friends:)


Anonymous said...

Great post! Lucy and Peter are wonderful!

Melissa said...

Good to hear from you. Looks like the kids had fun birthdays!

Lynsey said...

Oh my goodness they are getting so big and cuter by the day!! I am glad you guys are doing well. :)

Shenna said...

So much fun to see the growth in kids! And hooray for preschool! I love that age of kids!

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