Friday, November 28, 2008

Settlers of Catan and Crab Dip, what more can you ask for:)

So we just had a great dinner, with great crab dip and learned the coolest game from Amanda and Steve Biles!! Settlers of Catan! It is a must buy! Definitely worth giving for Christmas this year!!!:)

This is the crab dip recipe..sooo yummy!!!

Crab Dip-Amanda Biles

8oz cream cheese
whip in mixer with garlic and worcestershire sauce(your own desired amounts)

once mixed, spread in dish
cover with cocktail sauce
spread broken up imitation crab on top

Serve cold with club crackers or ritz...YUMMY!

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Megan said...

We have all 3 Settlers of Catan games and we'll play with you anytime!!!! Paul also plays online late at night when I am in bed. Call us for a date!