Monday, January 19, 2009

A Day with Amy

So I got to spend the day before Amy's due date with her...check her out..She is so cute! Now she is just patiently waiting for her little girl to come...she is late:(

We started the day after her 40 week appointment, and saw Bride Wars. It is a cute movie, not one to buy, but a one time viewing is cute.

Then we went for really yummy and cheap Chinese food. $5.50 for an entree, soup, wantons and rice. It is up in Westminster next to Dairy Queen across from the Westminster Mall, I definitely want to eat there again..yum yum!
Amy is still in her nesting phase I think, we went and picked out fabric for the baby room Valence over the windows:)
Our two pregnant bellies! I am glad we are such great friends and having little girls at the same time:) We will have to take a picture again after we have both had our babies:)


Aaron and Amy said...

I LOVE that i spilled sweet and sour sauce on my shirt and then you wanted to take the picture. lol I love you!!!!! Your the bestest!!

Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

So cute! I got to see Amy on Sunday! :) I wish we could hang out too, you are such a great friend! :) Have a great day Hilary!

Cardon Times said...

You guys are so cute! What fun...

Cami said... look super cute! Sounds like things are going well, I bet you guys are so excited!!! THanks for leaving a comment because I had lost your blog link! Keep the post coming!
*Cami...luv Lucy by the way, super cuteness!