Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lucy and Jefrie..first playdate:)

So cute and cuddly!!! They are 3 months apart shy of 3 days. Jefrie-January 22/ Lucy April 19

They kept trying to hold each other's hands...or so that is what we are saying;) I think our little blondies are soooo adorable! They are best friends...we arranged it, like an arranged marriage...they will find out later:)

Holding hands again, and look, they are pretty much the same length and 3 months apart...I wonder where Lucy got her height from...I am only 5'6 1/2" and Evan is 6'0" crazy! Lucy is 5 weeks and Jefrie is about 4 months or so.

Amy came over and hung out. We went on a walk to the park, and it was nice to get out and have a little exercise. THANKS AMY!! I can't wait until I am up and going again and not worrying about if I will make it to the park without over doing it...haha. I have my 6-week check next week. I hope I get cleared for swimming so I can take Lucy.


Shenna said...

Look at those two cuties! She's getting so big already!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute that they were holding hands!

Tanya and Bracken said...

hilary lucy looks so much like you. so cute. i can't wait to see her at the reunion. :)... oh and you guys too. heehee.