Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cute little Lucy...

Lucy you are sooo cute!

you like to try to brush your own hair
You are getting braver and standing by yourself without the couch, when daddy and I cheer it startles you and you need to grab onto something

You like scrunching your nose up and fake crying or laughing:)

You still take 2 naps a day, but sometimes you need to be rocked first

Lollipops are a fun treat
You LOVE drinking water from your sippy cup

Blowing kisses, waving bye or hi, clapping, shaking your head and playing peek a boo are some fun things you like to do.

After prayers each night you wave at me, and it's cute

Sometimes when I rescue you from the crib, you like to rub and pat my back-probably telling me "good job mom, you finally took me out:)"

When daddy comes home he waves at you through the front window, and then you crawl really fast to meet him at the front door, then you like to wrestle him:)

Sometimes you are so happy to see daddy come home you almost act shy and get very smiley and cover your eyes.

It's gets really quiet sometimes and then I find you

You like to pull your bottle and other snacks out of the diaper bag..you definitely are figuring out what you want

Sometimes getting you to eat is like pulling teeth, but I guess you are getting more independent.

You still like to eat olives by putting them on your finger tip first.

Grandma Betty gave you a cute dolly from Chile, and you love it! Maybe it will get you ready for Peter and you won't want to clobber him:)
When you sing, it sounds like gremlin growls, but it is so cute, and you LOVE music.

You like to lead the music in sacrament meeting by yourself, sing/growl, and you have good rhythm as you bounce to the beat to shows, radio, etc.

You like to get into the magazines
peek under the curtains and look out the window
I just love you sooo much, can't believe you are mine!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful girl!

Bethany said...

That is such a sweet post! I can't wait to see her again!