Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dear Lucy,

Dear Lucy,

Let me tell you a little bit about how cute and wonderful you are.

You are starting to teeth again, so besides the drool and pain you are going through, you are more cuddly than ever, and I love it! I hope that continues once the teeth come in.

You are crawling faster than ever, it's hard for mommy to keep up with you:) You get up and down and walk along furniture all day long.

Your hair is growing so long, and sometimes I trick you into sitting still with a brush or nail clippers.

You are turning very blonde, but like me, you have a little bit of brown and red mixed in, not sure if it will last long though, it might all grown out and you might be very blonde.

I have been blowing kisses to you every night before bed, and today out of the blue, you start blowing kisses and saying "muah" while daddy was buckling you in. Too cute!

You keep blasting out laughing and giggles all the time. So cute, sometimes you snort:)

You think nibbling on your toes is funny, and you like to do it a lot more than usual:)

You have now discovered that throwing food over the edge of the high chair and toys from anything you are in or on is funny, sometimes it is, but the games on you, I am so pregnant I can't bend to pick them up:)

You like to go "night night", and Silent Night is your favorite bedtime song.

You like to sit and hold mine or daddy's thumb and play without letting go.

Chewing on my flipflops and other shoes is the best, and you LOVE water:)

If we leave the dishwasher open, you like to crawl into will be such a great helper.

Going "bye bye" makes you happy, and being outside is so finally love crawling in the grass:)

And something we caught on video..playing ball with daddy:)

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