Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Days and Nights

So I haven't posted forever because my computer has taken my photos hostage and Lucy and Peter have been SO AWFULLY sick! So, I will catch up sometime, but today I wanted to share a picture of Lucy swinging and our adventures on our walk.

Lucy Peter and I decided to take a walk. Started through the neighborhood, found the park, walked across and said hello to the donkey, cows, Sheep and horses.
She couldn't stop laughing, she made all the other kids laugh and giggle-it was contagious!
If you ever want to see them they can be found at the Littleton Historic Museum
Snuggling and sharing cheetos
Practicing for the airport-we get to go to Washington soon:)

After Evan got home from work we picked up dinner from Mc Donald's and headed to another park with a stroller and tricycle.

We didn't take but one photo.. I love it!
Poor Peter teething. He is getting his top 4 teeth all at once.

Evan, Lucy and Peter playing

I love my family so very much!

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Lynsey said...

What a fun family night!! The littleton muesum is the best.