Thursday, April 14, 2011


So if you haven't watched Charlie and Lola, you should. It is the cutest show, and I LOVE IT!

Lucy and Peter love it too, and one of the episodes we watched a month or two ago was about how hot it was, and how dogs pant to stay cool. So three kids sit around panting.

Can you guess what Lucy's favorite thing to do is now:) PANT She pants all the time. Lucy gets our attention and then sticks out her tongue and pants. Then she expects us to follow along with her.
(she also likes to look at herself in the mirror to watch her faces she makes)

So after a month or so of panting around the house, I was using the elliptical and all of sudden Lucy starts panting. I didn't know why, and then realized that I was panting(breathing heavy) and so Lucy thought I was playing doggies with her. So funny, I couldn't stop laughing since she did it my entire workout:) Guess I need to get in better shape.

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Lynsey said...

What a funny kid!! It is always so much fun seeing what they pick up from life. :)