Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Lucy and Peter cook and rats nests

Evan went off to see the Phillies and Rockies face off so Lucy, Peter and I had lots of fun!

We cuddled in bed

Drank lots of water like usual(Peter had cold milk-I'm trying to trick him so he'll give up the bottle)

Lucy was super hungry so she ate one of her favorite veggies-she tried it with ranch for the 1st time

They both saw steam coming up and watched it

Then Lucy blew it

Then she wanted to stir it

Then she wanted to eat it

then eat it in my chair, and eat my left over lasagna, and eat Peter's food
and feed Peter

Then have popcorn for dessert. Good summer days

(Lucy gets rats nest-it took tons of conditioner and combing it out in the tub to finely get it out)

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