Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Garage Sale Day!

So we decided that since we are going to rent out the basement, we needed to find a place for our belongings, and since we haven't touched our stuff since April, we decided to sell it, so we are in phase one of de-junking and selling. We are posting on craigslis, having a two day garage sale, and will eventualy ebay the things we know we can get lots of money for.

Being pregnant and sick all of the time, I have not had the energy or physical ambition to prep for this weekend. So from all of the things that Evan, Linwood and Ben helped carry up from the basement, Amy Cobbley came over to rescue and help me:) YAY We laid out and priced everything, and as I write the sale is happening. So far with the early birds, I have made $90. Off to sell more to my next customer.



Bracken said...

So you had two baby seats before you had a baby. and now that you're having a baby you're getting rid of them... Interesting.

Seth Jenson said...

Good job!!