Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Loving Life!!

There are so many reasons to love life!! Here are 12 of them in no order:
1.I am so happy that I am who I am.
That Evan and I are sealed together for eternity!
2.I love the new bread that I discovered at Costco, and like switching off from baking to buying.
3 I love that I saw the Moon this morning, what a great welcome to the day.
4.I love fried eggs, toast and strawberries for breakfast.
5.I found out that they sell pancake batter in a whipping cream canister(I will have to find a picture).
6.I love that I am pregnant despite the sickness and other things that come along with it.
7.I love that Evan loves teaching and is good at it!
8.I love friendly faces and warm hellos.
9.I love my family.
10.I love finding money I thought was lost or spent.
11.I am a daughter of God.
12.I get to laugh.


Seth Jenson said...

What kind of bread do you love at Costco?

Natalie Warner said...

What a great positive entry for a blog! You are so cute. I am so happy for you that you are pregnant even though it's tough. You have a darling blog. Thanks for checking out mine and...right back if you ever need anything. (Natalie Warner)

MerileeCOashtons said...

Yays! I found your blog! A billion congratulations on your pregnancy, I am so happy for you and love the wee pics! Hope you feel great and keep loving life! *hugs*

ann marie said...

That was a great post. I loved reading it! I am glad that you are pregnant too, what fun!

Are you feeling any better? We really missed you on Saturday and hope that your back is feeling much better. Love ya!

Andy said...

Congratulations on the the baby. And finding the bread you love at costco! Andy

Seth Jenson said...

We're doing good. I'll Meg about the bread at Costco. Sounds yummy.