Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Little Lucy's baby shower...

I had a great baby shower on Saturday, and I got to see a few old friends and get some really fun stuff for Lucy. For those who couldn't come, I would love to see you sometime. I find myself missing people more and more as I become less able to get out and play...but I LOVE being pregnant and knowing that I have a miracle baby soon to arrive in about 7 weeks, even if it does mean some "fun" pregnancy symptoms along the way.

Amy did a great job at hosting the baby shower, especially since she has a sick little girl only a month old now. She was able to do so much and recruited a few others to help out. It was a very fun shower, and I loved everything about it! She had great decorations, fun and food. THANKS AMY!!!!!

My sister Tina is wonderful! She came with a few of her children, her 2 week old and two little girls. She brought some yummy food, great game and fun advice for me. I am so lucky to have her near me, especially since I am a worry wart about a lot of things and she knows how to calm me, answer my silly questions, and be a great friend!

My two visiting teachers Alisa and Summer, friends now for about 4 years, were able to help out as well. Alisa made a great chicken salad and rolls, and her punch bowl was so cute. It had floating rubber duckies in it..such a great idea!!! Summer had a fun memory game that we were able to win candy bars like a "Mounds" for the word "engorgement:)

Amanda made the best crab dip ever, and I think I ate most if not all of it. That stuff is dangerously delicious!!! I wish I would have taken a picture!

My sister-in-law Cindy did a phenomenal job making three cakes. One we get to keep forever:) She made a round cake out of styrofoam and covered with fondant. It was like a cake from "Ace of Cakes". She topped it off with what she thinks little Lucy will look like. SO CUTE! I couldn't stop staring at it.

I loved seeing everyone, and although I felt like I was going through Menopause because I was so overheated and sweaty, I had a great time and really appreciate all of the lovely gifts for Lucy. I hope that I can help someone else get started for a baby as well. I can't wait to hold Lucy in my arms and kiss her and just touch and stare at her. I think baby feet are the cutest! (My face gets so round when I smile...too funny)

She kicks me so much, and I think that she is definitely getting a strong personality and some soccer legs. Evan had to freeze her out with a bag of frozen veggies the other night because she was being stubborn and wouldn't move out of my ribs as she kicked them. Also, she will kick and toss and turn soooo much, and then right when I ask Evan to come feel, she stops, I think she is pretending to be a good girl for Evan. HAHA


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

I am glad my frozen veggie thing worked on you too! :)

I am sorry I had my baby early and couldn't come.

I am sorry about today too! :( stinking Witte's! :)

Marianne said...

So much fun, I am so excited for you. And you look fab by the way. I can't believe you only have 7 weeks left. I feel like I was at that point yesterday and now all of a sudden I on;y have about 3 left. crazy.

Carolyn Biddulph said...

Looks like so much fun! I can't believe those cakes Cindy made. It just doesn't seem possible! Congrats on being so close to meeting little Lucy.

Shenna said...

I love the little duckies in the bowl! It looks like it was a very nice shower. And you are seriously freaking adorable pregnant! You're going to make such an amazing mommy!

The McGowans said...

Isn't it funny when they are elusive like that? Your shower looked like it was a lot of fun!

MJ said...

The frozen veggie thing is a great idea, I'll have to remember that..

Sounds like you've been very blessed!