Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday and 8 more weeks to go...

32 weeks/8 more to go the size of a Jicama, just image that with legs and arms too. Around 17 inches long and almost 4 lbs

So, I have had some great things happen in the last couple of weeks. I have met new people, rekindled old friendships, had help in more ways than I could ask for and my life is just really going well, despite challenges that try to creep up on me. Recently I hung out with some friends and realized how happy they were, and wanted to reflect on my own life. A few of you have blogs called Thankful Thursdays, but I think I will start reporting on being thankful today, even though it is Sunday:) Then I will try to on Thursdays...:)

1. Amanda, Lexi and Evan really helped me clean my house. They helped with my nesting needs, and the house is so clean I can hardly take it:) I don't want to start any projects because I love the calm and peace I feel by not seeing boxes everywhere, and in two rooms boxes don't even exist anymore:) YAY! There is freedom when the mess is gone:)

2.Good friends. I am thankful for the phone calls, texts, emails, notes, etc of friends. I think being pregnant brings on a lot of doubtful thoughts and challenges of not being able to do the things I used to do, but I have received so much encouragement, I am not able to sit and wallow in sadness for very long.

3. Puffs Tissues. We have gone through boxes and boxes of tissues lately, and they finally went on sale at Target, I bought 12 boxes. They are the best tissues, they don't crumble or make a mess, and they always treat our noses right.

4. The zoo. What a great place to walk around and have peace. I have tried getting exercise and it has been fun to go to the zoo a couple times and walk and enjoy the great "winter/spring" weather we are having and love the animals that our Heavenly Father created.

5. Evan!!!! Without him, I don't know what I would be doing. I love him so much and his patience surprises me. He has been my backbone and cheerleader. He laughs at me at just the right times, and doesn't get offended by my pregnant hormonal ways:) He loves me very much!

6. Smiles. I have had lots of random people smile at me and I have been able to smile at lots of strangers. Smiles have so much of a positively powerful outcome, I think we should all strive to smile more and see how it changes our lives, especially when exchanging smiles with those we may not know. It is contagious!!!

I will be 32 weeks this week, and am grateful I am nearing the end. I have had many ups and downs with this pregnancy, and I am sure will miss it a little when it is over, but I am so truly excited to hold my little girl and to see Evan with his daughter:) We have been blessed so much and I know that the Lord has everything in His hands and in His timing. I am blessed!


Nolo and Lauren said...

You really will be a wonderful mom Hilary. Lucy is a lucky girl to have you and Evan as parents.

Anonymous said...

I loved helping you out because I knew how much it would help you. If I can ever do anything else for you let me know! You have done tons for us in our times of need, so here comes the payback! =-)