Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Evan received his Master's Degree!!

So Lucy had her first road trip. I was a little worried about how she would be in the car, but she did GREAT! She really is my angel baby, someone said she is so good so that I would have more:) We left at 5:50am and got into Salt Lake City at 3:30 with 2-45 minute stops and only 9 1/2 hours.She slept the entire time, with the exception of playtime with her favorite toy the butterfly and second favorite, the giraffe:)

After we got in, we settled into my sister Jessica's place, got changed and visited for a little bit. Jessica was so nice, she moved in a few days early so we would have a place to stay and wouldn't be charged for a hotel. We picked up his brother Linwood and his wife Brook, and headed off to a reception for the graduates, a little meet and greet. We even bumped into an old childhood friend of his, Randy Braby, and Evan got to meet his Mentor and another Mentor who helped grade him. There were yummy snacks and we were so dehydrated we drank and drank and drank the yummy lemonade.

After stopping at the grocery store for a few things, we went home and crashed. We were exhausted. Since Jessica's beds weren't in yet, we had our blowup mattresses, and Lucy slept on the floor in between us. It was a fun night, and felt a little like camping.

Saturday morning we woke up and showered and got ready for Evan to walk and receive his diploma, he actually graduated Dec '08, but this is when he was able to walk. He graduated from WGU, Western Governors University. He received his degree called, A Master of Education in Learning and Technology. They were going to take a class picture together, this is an online University, so the grads met each other for the first time taking the group picture. We had a hard time figuring out how his Master's sash went, we finally got it. While Evan was standing for his picture, Lucy and I met a little girl who wanted to stuff toys in Lucy's mouth..she was wondering why Lucy was so little. (different and more pictures on my facebook)

I was getting teary eyed during the entire ceremony. I am so proud of Evan, and I am so happy that it is all over. He worked so hard to get this, and it made us sacrifice time, energy and money. There were great speeches, better than we both had expected, some of those made me cry too. Lucy was great she pretty much ate or slept the entire time, she probably was awake for the last 30 minutes just smiling and cooing. During some of her sleep she kept kicking her feet and kicked my camera onto the floor..oops. Very loud and startling.

Evan walked and got to shake hands and finally saw me in the very back waving at him. I am so happy that he did this, I think getting this degree has made him a stronger person, although I don't think he is going to rush out to get another degree anytime soon;)

Afterwards there was a reception with food and pictures. We ate and then took the shutte back to our car and met up with his brothers Miles and Linwood, and later Brook came. We met Miles' chickens and saw his beautiful big garden! Lucy had fun with his aunts and uncles.

We then went to my brother Jens' house. He put on a BBQ for Evan to help celebrate. We had more family and friends come. It was realxing and fun and it really made Evan feel special. After the BBQ we returned to Jessica's and got to sleep on a nice comfy bed:) She has the cutest place!

The next morning we went to introduce Lucy to my grandparents, her great grandparents. SO SPECIAL!!! They were so cute with her, and Lucy loved them! We only got to spend an hour with them, and I am sure they would have liked more, next time hopefully.

We made it home in 9 1/2 hours again. Lucy did great and actually only got fussy for about 5 minutes, and then fell asleep, we were home 30 minutes later. I love my own bed. Trips are fun, but I always miss my own bed when we leave.

YAY Evan! I am so proud of you and happy for your accomplishment and sacrifice for our family and improving our future! Thank you everyone who gave us prayers, support and help!


Nolo and Lauren said...

Ohhhh wish I would've known you were in town. I'd love to see you.

Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

I am proud of Evan too! Congrats! It must have been so frustrating at times but TOTALLY worth it right?

Humphries said...

Congratulations to Evan! That is such a great accomplishment. Hooray to Lucy for being such a good baby and traveler.

Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

Thanks Everyone!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you both! It may be Evan's degree but you helped him accomplish it with you support.

Shenna said...

Congratulations to him! I loved all your cute pictures!!

Honey said...

That's so awesome! Congrats to you all!

Seth Jenson said...

Congrats Evan! What a great accomplishment. Many more good things to come...

Carol said...

Congrats Evan that you got Master's degree i feel very glad!!!
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